• High-Powered Blazing Fast Web Hosting

    A Developer Supported Website Hosting Company for Businesses
    Standard Hosting
    • Web Hosting Account
    • Free SEO Reporting
    • 7 Access Points for Support
    • 3 Levels of Backups
    • Developer Supported
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Unlimited Email
    • Webmail Access
    • Virus Scan Protection
    • FULL Website Support
    • 33 Day Money Back Guarantee
    Managed Hosting
    • 1 Web Hosting Account
    • 1 Development Account
    • Design Services
    • Development Services
    • Training Services
    • Maintenance Services
    • Free SEO Reporting
    • 7 Access Points for Support
    • 7 Levels of Backups
    • Developer Supported
    • 33 Day Money Back Guarantee
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We Took Web Hosting to the Next Level

With so many web hosts to choose from and most of them all offering unlimited bandwidth, email, disk space and support....what makes us any different? Our clients never leave!

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  • World Class Business Hosting Services

    The Turn Group Hosting Services (aka "The Grid") supports all Linux, MySQL, MySQLi, PHP, phpMyAdmin based Content Management Systems like Joomla! Worpress, Drupal and more. Whatever CMS based website platform you use, we have a business class website hosting solution for you.

    Our flag-ship is our developer support. No more foreign or customer service staff. Our staff are true website developers with the ability to fix, update or manage your website on-demand. Get your website on "The Grid" and see the difference.

    We do not just host websites; we manage, maintain, support, develop, design or just about anything else you need done!
    Our web hosting environment is built and optimized for Joomla! websites to deliver the fastest possible page-loading speed on the internet.
  • Tired of not getting the web hosting services that you need when you have a problem with your website?
    There is no doubt that there are many choices on the internet for you to choose from when it comes to hosting your website. So, at The Turn Group, we decided to become more than any other web hosting company you have ever used before. We did not want to be another choice, we wanted to be your best and last choice. Our website hosting platform was completely designed around "hosting as a service."

    Many website hosting companies provide only hosting services with light technical support for your hosting account. We take our web hosting services to the next level. What this means for you is that when you have a problem, no matter what it is, our developer, designer and SEO staff of experts are here to help in any way. We are a one-stop-web-hosting-shop.
    Our main focus of "hosting as a service" is making sure your website is completely managed and supported at the level that you need "when you need it".
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Developer Supported Hosting Accounts

Hosting Services Good bye customer service; hello tier 1 expert web developer support. Get more than hosting services. Get Business Support Services as well.
Web Hosting Developers, designers, programmers, seo masters and consultants on staff.
Website Hosting Need more than just web hosting services? Whatever your need, we have a solution!

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates Secure your website with industry-standard encryption. Secure your website with an SSL Certificate
SSL Certificates Free SSL Security Certificate Setup with purchase of hosting account.
SSL Certificates Dedicated IP included free with SSL Certificate Purchase.

Free Website Evaluation

Free Website Evaluation

All websites have areas that can be improved upon. Whether it is structural, functional or SEO related, we can take a look to see how your website stands up to the current internet and search engine standards.

Industry Leading Webmail

Webmail AccessNo government access with our webmail. Completely secure Webmail Access. We also support all the popular mail programs as well as Pop, IMAP, Tablet and Phone ready.

Webmail Demo | Webmail Features
Username: demo@theturngroup.com | Password: pass5314


  • Complete support of IMAP and SMTP protocols
  • Supports SSL connections with mail servers
  • Plugins (change password, etc)
  • Mail filters (with Sieve support)
  • Mail threads (with IMAP THREAD support)
  • Identities
  • Attachment thumbnails
  • Auto-responder (vacation message), via Sieve
  • Forwarding, via Sieve
  • Address Book (via built-in DAV server, database)
  • Mail folders and nested folders, including IMAP folders
  • Mail search, including IMAP search
  • IMAP synchronization
  • IMAP quotas
  • Multiple domains
  • Automated mail check every few minutes
  • Auto-completion of e-mail addresses in Compose
  • Compose e-mails in HTML (WYSIWYG)
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Quick reply
  • Can block javascript and external images in e-mails
  • Modern AJAX uploader for attaching files. No Flash issues, works with all newer browsers, supports attaching multiple files, shows the progress of operation

Address Book

  • Personal contacts and groups
  • Importing and exporting CSV files
  • CardDAV support (enables syncing contacts with iPhone, etc)


  • Personal calendars
  • Publish calendar for "everyone with the link" access
  • Reminders
  • Exporting calendar to iCal
  • CalDAV support (enables syncing events with iPhone, etc)

1 click CMS and PHP Application Software with 1 click latest version auto update system.

Totally Dedicated Support Team

We are more than just a web hosting company. We manage your website inside and out. If you need fixes, updates, programming, development etc, we can help you!

100% Uptime Guaranteed!

We are serious about website hosting. Our servers only go down "at night if needed" to update for speed and security and you are always notified. We are the cutting edge and are a preferred web hosting provider.

What's Included

  • FREE SEO Reporting
  • Insane Support Services
  • Fast and Reliable Servers
  • Instant Account Activation
  • Pop, Imap and Webmail
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