Joomla 3rd Party Template Modifications, Updates, Edits and Tweaks

Joomla Template Setup & Editing Services

So you either bought a new Joomla Template or you are looking to purchase a Joomla Template and now you want to be able to add your logo, delete and add items, move module positions etc. Basically you need to have your new template setup to meet your needs.

Before you go any further, we would suggest you check out our Joomla Template FAQ section to see if any of your questions can be answered there.

Our Joomla Template Setup, Modification, Update and Edit Services

Basic Joomla Template Updates Include:

  • Basic Joomla Template SetupSetup & install of Joomla Template
  • Adding Logo
  • Change of style settings
  • Module setup
  • Extension/Component installs
  • Content entry
  • Sitemap Install
  • Social Icon Integration
  • Basic SEO settings
  • Joomla Training
Note: A Joomla Template with basic edits will have little to no value on the web without a daily and or weekly influx of fresh content, user generated content or some type of product everyone will want.. Depending on your edit or update frequency, it would take years of pain-staking marketing for this type of site to produce any real results. If you have questions about this, give us a call. Remember; "if you build it, they will come" does not apply to websites. Just baseball fields!

Intermediate Joomla Template Modifications

  • Intermediate Joomla Template SetupAll of the above mentioned options
  • Search Engine Verification
  • Code and CSS Validation
  • SEO Content Pages
  • Alt, Title, Image, Link & Meta Tags
  • Graphic Design - Headers
  • Optins, Call to actions, Newsletter, Contests
  • Forms setup, poll setup, feedback form setup
  • Basically our Joomla SEO Basic Package
This type of Joomla Template Modification gets your site ready and shows the search engines you are serious about producing a formidable online internet presence and that you mean business. Every aspect of this setup is well thought out and completely SEO optimized and prepped for your market efforts. With daily or weekly updates, you should be able to hit a page rank of 3 within your first Google index.

Advanced Joomla Template Setup

With this complete Joomla Template Setup, not only does your Joomla website have all that it needs to rank well, but you immediately bring relevance to your new website with valuable back links and offsite marketing strategies. This pretty much locks in a higher page rank if your beginning marketing campaign can be launched within 1to2 month period of your website going live.