Logo Design

The #1 best custom logo design service provided by award winning designers.

  • All logos are original and custom created (unique) 
  • 7 Day Expedited Turnaround Time
  • Assigned Dedicated Project Manager
  • 20+ Senior Level Logo Designers
  • 25+ Logo Concepts Produced
  • Includes Fonts and (.ai .eps) Source Files
  • .psd, .png, .jpg, .webp, .svg web formats
  • Logo is vectored for large format printing
  • 3D and Animated Logo Versions Available
Innovative logo concept showcasing modern design elements and unique brand identity.
"A logo isn’t just an image; it’s the embodiment of a story, a vision, and a promise."

The Turn Group is a full-service logo design and digital marketing agency offering professional branding services for businesses, from start-ups to corporate. Our digital solutions cover animation, visual redesign, and messaging. Consult with our experts to amplify your company's voice.
A collage of diverse company logos, highlighting versatility in branding.
A step-by-step breakdown of our logo design process from concept to completion.
Interactive branding workshop with clients focusing on voice and corporate identity.
Vibrant color palette samples used in effective brand identity creation.

Our Logo and Branding Design Services

"Your logo is the silent ambassador of your brand; let it speak volumes with elegance and clarity."

Logo Design Services

In the bustling marketplaces of today's corporate world, the first impression is often the most lasting. At its core, a logo serves as the visual representation of a company's essence, a beacon that resonates with audiences and etches its mark in their minds. For businesses, regardless of scale, an expertly crafted logo is not just an image—it's the cornerstone of recognition, setting the stage for all ensuing interactions and transactions.
  1. Primary Focus: The creation of a singular graphic mark or symbol that identifies a company. It's often the first visual cue people think of when recalling a brand.

  2. Elements: Typically consists of symbols, typography, and colors that come together to form a distinctive emblem or wordmark.

  3. Function: A logo serves as an immediate visual identifier. It allows consumers or clients to recognize a brand quickly amidst a sea of competitors.

  4. Simplicity: Logos usually strive for simplicity for easy recognition. They're often devoid of intricate details to ensure they're identifiable at any scale.

  5. Versatility: Logos need to be versatile, meaning they should be adaptable across various mediums — from business cards to billboards.

Brand Identity Development

Navigating the vast corporate landscapes of today requires more than just a name; it demands a distinct identity. Branding is the tapestry that weaves together the values, promises, and narratives of a company, creating a cohesive and memorable experience for its audience. For corporations seeking to leave an indelible mark, a holistic branding identity isn’t an option—it's the foundation of lasting relationships and sustained growth.
  1. Primary Focus: The comprehensive visual and emotional expression of a company. It's the sum total of all touchpoints a consumer has with a brand.

  2. Elements: Encompasses a wider range of components beyond just the logo, including typography, color palettes, design systems, tone of voice, imagery, patterns, packaging, and more.

  3. Function: Brand identity shapes perception. It's about conveying the values, mission, and essence of a company consistently across all channels, ensuring that the audience feels a certain way about the brand.

  4. Consistency: A strong brand identity is consistent in appearance and emotion, regardless of where it's encountered. Whether on a website, an advertisement, or product packaging, the brand identity remains unified.

  5. Evolution: While logos can change, brand identity often involves a more strategic evolution, considering every touchpoint and the long-term relationship with the audience.

In essence, while a logo is a key component of a brand's identity, branding encompasses a much broader spectrum of design and strategy. Custom Logo design is about creating a recognizable mark, while branding identity is about crafting a holistic experience for consumers.

Just a few logo design examples

Discover the art of first impressions. Browse our portfolio of logo designs,
where creativity meets brand identity for maximum online impact.

3D Logo Animation

Step into the dynamic world of branding. Below, witness logos leaping from the page, breathing life in 3D animation.
Experience the future of brand storytelling.

Logo Design Animation

3D Animated Logos transcend traditional branding by adding depth, movement, and dynamism. Ideal for digital platforms, they infuse life into static logos, making them captivating and memorable. These animations can be seamlessly integrated into videos, presentations, digital signage, and websites to provide an immersive branding experience.
  1. Animated Logo Formats: A high-quality animated logo delivered in both .GIF (for lightweight applications like email signatures or websites) and .MP4 formats (suitable for videos and presentations).
  2. Storyboard/Animation Plan: A visual representation that outlines the sequence of the animation, ensuring the client's vision is fully captured before moving to the animation stage.
  3. Use Case: A significant portion of our client inquiries for 3D logo animations is driven by creators eager to enhance their YouTube intros for optimized online visibility. Leveraging animated logos not only elevates video content but also strengthens a brand's digital footprint, embodying a crucial facet of modern SEO-driven branding strategies.
Embracing 3D animated logos can elevate a brand's digital presence, offering a fresh, innovative, and engaging visual experience.

Our Logo Design Process

Every masterpiece follows a process. Dive in to witness the journey of a logo's creation.
Packaging design samples flaunting consistent brand elements and style.
Packaging design samples flaunting consistent brand elements and style.
  • Explanation: The cornerstone of any design journey, a design brief is our initial touchpoint. It's where we gather a foundational understanding of your business and what you're aiming to communicate.
  • Objective: Collect comprehensive insights about the company, capturing its goals, values, and target demographic.
  • Key Deliverables: A structured questionnaire or document detailing the company's background, mission, design preferences, competitors, and existing branding elements.
  • Explanation: This step transitions the floor to you, the client. It's where we take a backseat and listen intently to your vision, desires, and aspirations for the logo.
  • Objective: Assimilate the client's insights, visions, and preferences, ensuring a clear perspective on their expectations.
  • Key Deliverables: A comprehensive document encapsulating client feedback, specific design inspirations, color inclinations, sample logos they resonate with, and other pertinent details.
  • Explanation: In the vast sea of brands, understanding where you fit is crucial. This phase involves delving into the market, assessing competitors, and uncovering trends to ensure your logo stands distinct yet relevant.
  • Objective: Comprehend the industry landscape, competition, and current design trends.
  • Key Deliverables: A research report showcasing industry trends, a comparative analysis of competitor logos, and potential design directions.
  • Explanation: A melting pot of insights, the creative brief marries information from the initial design instructions, client's vision, and our market research. This document serves as the North Star for the ensuing design phase.
  • Objective: Synthesize the collated information into a concise, directive document.
  • Key Deliverables: A consolidated brief that aligns the client's vision with market research, offering a clear pathway for conceptualization.
  • Explanation: With the foundation laid, it's time for our design maestros to craft. This phase is about translating all prior insights into tangible design drafts, each offering a unique interpretation of the brand.
  • Objective: Develop initial logo designs rooted in the creative brief.
  • Key Deliverables: Multiple logo drafts, each showcasing different stylistic approaches and interpretations.
  • Explanation: Creativity is an iterative process. As we present our drafts, we value your feedback, ensuring tweaks and changes bring us closer to that perfect design symbiosis.
  • Objective: Refine selected concepts based on client input, inching closer to the final design.
  • Key Deliverables: Updated logo designs incorporating the specific nuances and alterations requested by the client.
  • Explanation: Every design has a story, a rationale. In this phase, we don't just show logos; we narrate the thought process behind each, ensuring you see the depth behind the art.
  • Objective: Showcase the near-final logo designs, elucidating the rationale behind each design stroke.
  • Key Deliverables: A polished presentation highlighting the chosen logo options and their varied applications.
  • Explanation: As we converge on the final design, it's time to package everything. From detailed files to usage guidelines, we ensure you have everything you need to showcase your logo with pride.
  • Objective: Hand over the complete logo assets in diverse formats to suit different applications.
  • Key Deliverables: Logo files in vector and raster formats, accompanied by a style guide detailing logo usage, color specifications, and typography.
Client testimonials showcasing satisfaction with branding and logo services.
Your logo, our shared journey. Ready to inspire, captivate, and resonate.

In our modern marketing system, we prioritize function and style in logo design. With a strategy rooted in simplicity and consistency, our development focuses on versatile media elements, graphics, and color. As we modernize and revitalize, the creative evolution of assets shines. Our guide ensures future-ready stationary, packaging, and collateral, while retaining core brand values. In this landscape, our services not only boost your presence but also elevate all brand collateral, guaranteeing relevance and unmatched versatility.

Logo Design Commonly Asked Questions

Logos speak louder than words. Explore our FAQs to decode the magic behind memorable logos.

Why is a custom designed logo important for my business?

A professionally designed logo boosts your brand's credibility, provides a strong first impression, and serves as an iconic representation of your company's values and vision.

What type of input can I provide during the logo design process?

As little or as much as needed. Client feedback is vital. From color preferences to design inspirations, your insights guide the project's direction. Or, we can suprise you!

Can you redesign or update my existing logo to bring it into the 21st century?

Yes! We can refresh and modernize existing logos while retaining brand familiarity, color cohesion and theme. Many logos have morphed over the decades with little changes here and there.

How do you ensure my logo will be unique and not some cookie cutter logo?

ALL of our logo designs are custom. Through thorough market research and original creative processes, we craft logos that stand distinct and authentic to your brand.

Why is branding identity essential for a growing business?

Branding identity fosters brand consistency, strengthens customer loyalty, and positions your business effectively in the market.

Do you offer varying sized branding solutions for startups?

Yes, we provide tailored branding packages designed specifically for startups, ensuring a strong market debut.

How do you stay updated with the latest branding trends?

Our team continually engages in design workshops, webinars, and industry research to stay at the forefront of branding innovations and latest design trends.

How do I maintain brand consistency across all platforms?

By adhering to the delivered branding guidelines and using provided assets, you ensure a cohesive brand presentation across all touchpoints.

How many revisions can I make during the design process?

Revision numbers vary based on packages, but our goal, our aim is to adjust until you're satisfied with the design. So far, we are at a 100% success rate on client satisfaction.

Do you provide a logo usage guideline or font styles used, sizes and colors?

Depending on your package you choose. We often deliver a style guide detailing logo application, color codes, and typography best practices. Some clients dont need that.

How long does the logo design process typically take?

The duration varies depending on design complexity, revisions, feedback response times as well as required due date. But most projects span from 1 to 4 weeks.

Can my logo be used for both digital and large format print mediums?

Yes, the delivered formats ensure adaptability across both digital platforms and print materials. The logo can expand to any size needed without resolution loss.

How is branding identity different from brand strategy?

Branding identity revolves around visual assets, while brand strategy focuses on a company's mission, value proposition, and long-term goals.

Can I get business cards, letterheads, and other stationeries along with my logo?

Absolutely! We offer comprehensive branding solutions that include a range of print-ready materials.

Is my business too small for a full branding identity package?

Businesses are built on brands. Branding identity is crucial for businesses of all sizes, ensuring you leave a memorable impression.

What happens if I'm not satisfied with the branding identity design?

That is impossible and has never happened. Why? Our process is iterative, and we work closely with clients to revise and refine designs until they align perfectly with brand vision.

Do you provide post-launch branding support?

Yes, we offer post-launch support to ensure your branding assets remain effective and address any emerging needs.


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Satisfied Clients
Branding agency team receiving accolades for exceptional logo designs.
Hands-on logo sketching: merging creativity with brand strategy insights.
Digital tools and software employed in sculpting perfect logo designs.
Corporate rebranding: before-and-after logo comparisons showcasing evolution.
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