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SEO Tips

SEO TipsIt is amazing how on my down time when just searching the internet for the lack of anything better to do, the little SEO gold mines that are revealed to the watchful eye. The million dollar question people ask is how do I get back links to my website that will actually help my website out?

Not only have I been asked this a thousand times, but there is a million searches for this question on Google. In this article I will share some useful SEO Tips that if applied will help to increase Visibility - Presence and Relevance.

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SEO Tips

#1 - Backlinks

Everyone wants to be relevant. How do we get relevance? When others (websites and people) say we are relevant. When checking the scripting code that we put on our websites from Quantcast I came across their top sites. Any one that is anyone gets their website listed on this search engine. You can tell this by the list found here:

When your website (non-relevant) is linked to by relevant websites, those website (if they are quality) will start to push you up the ranks. It takes time, money and patience to build a natural (organic) back link strategy that will start working for you. It can take 9-12 months of daily hard work to start seeing the results of your efforts. If done correctly, the results last despite the search engine algorithm updates that have cost people millions of dollars, their businesses and livelihood. This little SEO Tip, this little nugget shows you the top 100 sites that you could attempt to get back links from. Looking at the list, we have at least 30 of these websites linking to us. We have more work to do.

SEO Tips

#2 - Social Sharing

As I mentioned before relevance is everything. You can be very relevant and still have a low page rank and make 6+ figures a year. We had a page rank of 7 and we are down to a PR3 (because of the algorithm updates and some unnatural strategies we have completely obliterated from our tactics sheet) yet our business has increased almost by 300%. I digress. Relevance. Yes, ok back on track. We have been working with social sharing (like buttons, tweet this, linked in etc) since they all came out. We have tested and tested the best place to put these social share icons. What we have found is 1) ADD THEM TO YOUR SITE - I can not scream that loud enough. Why are you not relevant? Because no one is sharing your pages to their social networks which says automatically that they thought your content was relevant. The more people that share and engage with your content (web-pages) the more relevant those pages become. 2) the best place to put what we call the "Social Share Bar" is right underneath your main menu bar or at the very bottom of an article. These are the top two spots. Incase you would like to know what a social share bar looks like, look below.

SEO Tips #2

SEO Tips

#3 - Google Authorship Verification

This is absolutely a worth while SEO Tip. When you do a search on Google, if you have a personal Google+ profile you are allowed to add within your profile authorship links. What this means is, if you own a website, then add the link to the website stating you are the author of that website. As long as you have an email address with the domain that you added and have verified that email and if you have a Google Webmaster Tools account that provided you with the website verification tag, then Google will add a little image next to the search results for the keywords you are trying to rank for. As you can imagine, when someone is searching for something you are trying to sell and you have lots of competition, who's listing do you think will stand out the most? See below. Which listing below would grab your attention the quickest?

Update - as of June 2014, Google no longers shows images next to the search results as seen below.

SEO Tips #3

SEO Tips

#4 - 5 Star Ranks

More and more around the web we are seeing the 5 Star Rank Voting System. This ads a great visual aspect and gets used quite a bit. We have seen how pages with the 5 star vote or similar ranking widget has been indexing better within the search engines then similar pages without. Why? Because again, someone had to click it and that made it relevant to them. The more your page is liked, shared, ranked and commented on, the more relevance that page gets. For example, if you like this page, at the end of the article you can rate this blog entry with a star vote.

SEO Tips

#5 - Dmoz Listing

This final SEO tip could help you out a lot. Like SEO tip #1, an often unknown back link source is the DMOZ directory. This directory carries a lot of weight with Google. If you can get listed within it, this directory should give you an extra leg up in your rankings. I do not believe if you are rejected that you are even notified. However, it is absolutely worth your time to submit a listing to this directory.

We have come to the end of our top 5 SEO Tips. I hope you have enjoyed. If you have any questions, or if you need any help implementing any of these SEO Tips, please do not hesitate to comment below or contact us. Enjoy!

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