Transferring a website to The Turn Group is a pretty straight forward process for the most part. Most websites can be transferred rather quickly. There are several ways of transferring a website over to The Turn Group Servers.

  • Free Service - 99% of all websites can be transferred within an hour. We are happy to do this for you as part of our hosting service.
  • Manual Transfer - You can transfer your website manually from your old host to The Turn Group.
  • Paid Service (very rare) - There is a client from time to time who needs 5 hours to move their ginormous website. On these extremely and very rare occasions, we charge for those extended hours.

In order to migrate a website to The Turn Group, you must have a hosting account with us to transfer your website to. If you do not currently have a hosting account with us, you can setup a hosting account below.

Website Hosting Plans
How to transfer my website to The Turn Group

For New Hosting Clients

Step 1 - Getting your new account ready for your website

  • Login to your new cpanel account, click on the "MySQL" icon.
  • Create a new database
  • Create a new database username and password
  • Then assign the new user to the database giving the user full access rights to the database
  • Make sure you right down this information every step of the way.

Step 2 - Getting your website ready to migrate

  • You will need to access your current hosts control panel to access your files and database
  • Access your phpMyAdmin and export your database and save to your computer
  • Access your file manager and zip/compress the entire website (generally found in your public_html folder or htdocs folder).
  • Download the compressed website zip file to your computer.

Step 3 - Uploading your files to your new account

  • Access your new cpanel and click on the phpMyAdmin icon.
  • Click on the new database you created
  • Import your downloaded database file from your old host
  • Go back to the cpanel and access the file manager
  • Import your website zip file into the public_html folder
  • Once uploaded, extract all files to the public_html folder
  • Remove any "install or installation' folder
  • Edit your configuration or config.php file with the new database information
  • Edit your server path in the config file to /home/cpanelusername/public_html/
  • Check to make sure your .htaccess file does not have any redirects in it that would block your website from showing live on the temp url until you switch your domain name DNS over to our servers.
  • At this point you should be able to access your website with your temp url you received in your new account setup emails.
Note: most of your website links will probably not work using the temporary url provided to you in your new account signup email until the DNS has been switched over to our servers and propagated.

*You are entitled to one free migration of one website and one database. There would be a charge if we need to move anything else for you. Also, every hosting server is different. We move hundreds of websites and only 1 out of 60 cause a problem. If a problem arises during the migration, we will contact you to let you know if there is any additional changes, fixes, updates that might need to be done to get the site to work properly. Generally this is not the case.

Let us know if you have any questions and we would be more than happy to help.
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