Our Project Development Process

Website Development Process

The Turn Group ensures that the client’s needs are covered from project concept to project delivery. The following process outlines the six project phases utilized by The Turn Group and how they will apply to your project.

  • Discovery - In order to provide you with the solutions that you require we must identify your specific needs, evaluate your business and its practices and to collectively gather your project specific criteria. We want to gain your perspective and we want to open the doors for new thoughts and ideas as well as to help break through barriers that often limit the creative process. It’s about discovering, fact finding, and answering questions like how and why?

  • Research- The next step in creating a successful project is to research your competitors, your market and industry and to expand on the discovery process so that we can approach your project with as much knowledge and understanding to ensure that all of your needs and expectations are met in order to provide to you, our client, the best possible solution for your project and to assist in providing a better managed process.

  • Creation- Once we have identified your overall goals and strategies we now go to the drawing board and create a tangible path that we have charted together. We take the ideas and concepts and create methods, processes, and procedures resulting in a clear model of approach. In this phase we take all available resources and produce a professional, creative, precise design that portrays your overall goals and mission. Innovation is what we try to achieve by developing a mutually accepted concept of your vision.

  • Development/Build- Once the prototype is finalized and has received your approval, it’s now time for The Turn Group to get started building the proposed project. During this phase, The Turn Group will use a comprehensive development approach to ensure that you are always aware of the project status, budget, and timeline, and that you are pleased with the progress of your project.

  • Assessment- This step is somewhat overlooked and can be the most important stage of the project. After completion it is critical to measure the results to make sure that all requirements of the project are evaluated to identify problem areas as well as successes to ensure goals where met and in doing so you give birth to new ideas and possibilities for tomorrow.

  • and finally; Relationships are the key ingredient to any successful venture of any magnitude. We pride ourselves in our ability to maintain long-lasting relationships with our clients. We believe that trust, integrity, commitment and communication are the ideals that make us stand out as a company and that will move us forward into the next generation as your number one service provider...

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