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How to Create Quick Landing Pages that Drive Traffic

In this lesson we are going to learn how to create a Successful Internet Presence that ensures on-going results within the search engines by creating Quick Landing Pages that are specifically designed to drive traffic using a re-direction tactic to your core services or products pages.

Landing Page TacticsHow many of you sit on your custom built back-porch overlooking the ocean with wind in your hair and a margarita in your hand because your business ranks #1 on Google and you have more business then you know what to do with?

I thought so!

Climbing to the top of the search engines can be a very tedious task and converting those who do hit your site to make a sale can be even harder. Unlike your car, house or even your dog, getting insurance for lost revenue, declining page rank, increased bounce rate and lower conversion rates on your website is NOT going to happen in this digital life time. The only way to stay ahead of the never-ending and ever changing algorithmic curve of the search engines is to stay constantly proactive in keeping with the flow of information based on the needs of the viewers, or should I say "the opinion of the search engines" of what the viewers want.

So lets take a look at creating "Quick Landing Pages" and how they can boost your traffic.


We have all heard before ""Content is King" and that couldn't be more true. In comparison, content is your insurance policy. So we are on the same page, lets define content..

Onsite Content

  • Title Tags
  • Description Tags
  • Landing Page Articles
  • Links
  • Link Title Tags
  • Pictures
  • Picture Title Tags
  • Image Alt Tags
  • Actual Page Articles
  • News Articles
  • Blog Articles
  • Forum Articles
  • Tweets
  • Comments

Landing Page Content

Offsite Content

  • Blog Posts
  • Forum Posts
  • Ezine Articles
  • Press Releases
  • Videos
  • Social Posts
  • Backlinks
  • Landing Page
  • Social Comments
  • Image Graphics
  • Software Downloads
  • Content Downloads
  • Social Accounts
  • Advertisements

Now that we have established what content is, let me show you how to implement your own Onsite Landing Pages that will drive large amounts of traffic to your website..

Landing Page Strategy

How to ensure that you continually drive traffic to your website.

In this Blog Post we are going to cover the first three parts of Onsite Content which is (Title and Description Tags in association with Landing Pages). I will cover the other topics of content in the up coming weeks.

I am sharing a Landing Page Strategy with you that works for me time and time again. One of the first things I tell my clients to do is to create their core set of products or services. Without your core services you can not properly drive people down the strategically planned path that leads to a sale. Note: With products, this can be a tad more difficult due to the amount of products you may have. So in this Landing Page Strategy we are going to talk more about core services even though the methodology is the same with the sales of products.

Strategic Landing PagesStep 1) Creating your Core Set of Services: This initial step is paramount in your overall SEO Landing Page Strategy. Its very important to get your core services pages perfect. This is where conversion takes place. As a rule of thumb, you want to keep your core services to just a handful. If you find that you have alot of core services then break them down into 3-5 categories. You do not want your customers being overwhelmed and YOU DO NOT want to come across as the end-all-be-all service provider. Less is always more!

Our Core set of Services are:

These are what we call our meaty pages and are the keywords we want to rank for. However, there are approximately 200 other various keywords variations with the terms "Joomla" we want to rank for other than those listed above. Now, if we had all the time and money in the world we would create Juicy, Meaty and Keyword Rich pages with lots of content for EVERY keyword term people search for with the word Joomla in it. However, this is really not practical. So step one would be to define what your core services are, make sure they have been written correctly, have the appropriate amount of keyword density and anchor tags within the article and finally a "call to action" at the end of the page. First rule of sales in any industry has always been, "ask for the sale".

If you notice, at the bottom of this page we suggest you contact us by clicking the "Free Quote" button or to call us.


Money Making Landing PagesStep 2) We are going to focus on one of your main keywords. Go to the Google Keywords Tool found here and input your main keyword string. Note: Keep your keywords to no more than a three word keyword string. This should produce anywhere from 100 to 300 different variations of your keyword. Now this may be a tad bit time consuming but jot down each variation that you would like to try to rank for and create your list. You can either write them down or select them and export them into a text file. Either way is fine. The most important part here is building a LARGE list of keywords.

Now that you have your LARGE list of keywords you want to rank for its time to build what I like to call Landing Pages.

Successful Landing PagesStep 3) Here are a few rules for each Landing Page you create. First and foremost the Title Tag of your page needs to be one of the keywords you are trying to rank for. Dont add anything more to the title tag then the keyword itself. In your description tag of your landing page you may add a one to three word variant. For Example:

When we entered our keyword string of "Joomla Website Design" a keyword variant that came up was "Joomla Designers". So our Title Tag would look like:

Title Tag: Joomla Designers

Now we need to create a Description Tag for this page adding a small variant to it. So our description tag would look something like:
Description Tag: Need a Professional Joomla Web Designer to create your Dream Website?

Notice how we added the keywords "Professional, Web and Website"? We also added the word "Designer" thus removing the "s". That way if the end user types in something different then "Joomla Designers" such as "Joomla Web Designer" we will still be found within the search engines. Or they just as easily could have typed "Joomla Website Designers" we still would have been found. However, its important to remember that our main focus in this example is "Joomla Designers" because when searching for our keywords using the Google Tool we found that 10,000 people this month have typed that keyword in.

How to Create a Landing PageStep 4) Now we need to create content for this page. Since I have 200 landing pages to create I do not want to have to come up with an entire page of content. I definitely want to rank for this keyword and have lots of traffic, but I either don't have the time, money or resources to create a 700 word article for each of these Landing Pages I am creating. So here is what I do. I create a 5-6 line paragraph designed solely for the keyword "Joomla Designers". Within this one paragraph I talk about our Joomla Designers and use this keyword 3-5 times. Here is an example:

The first thing in my paragraph is the H1 Tag. This is very important. So I start the article off with a H1 page title and then I highlight the word and create an anchor tag (also known as bookmark). Then I create one paragraph about Joomla Designers such as:

Joomla Designers

"At The Turn Group, our Joomla Designers have a combined experience of 18 years. As a Joomla Designer we know what it takes to produce a Joomla Design that is not only eye engaging but also converts clients to sales. At the end of the day your Joomla Designer needs to know how to help guide your target audience to a call to action. Joomla Designers are a special breed combining not only the latest in trendy look and feel but with the functionality of the most robust content management system on the market. Our Joomla Designers don't stop there. They also know how to incorporate SEO Strategies into the Joomla Design itself leaving our clients with an instant edge over their competition every time. To see what our Joomla Designers can do for you choose one of our Core Joomla Services below".

The paragraph above took me about 5 minutes to write. I have included our keyword (including the H1 tag 5 times). I have also added a couple of variant keywords a few times as well. These keyword variants are "Joomla Designer (without the "s") and "Joomla Design". Notice how I also bolded the keywords and underlined the keywords and made one of my bolded keywords a link to our main Joomla Website Design Services Page. One last thing; there are a total of three anchor tags on this page (that you can't see). I anchored tagged Joomla Designers, Joomla Designer and Joomla Design. Now, notice how the last sentenced had a call to action. The last strategy for your Landing Pages is to direct them to your core pages. I do this with graphics and links.  Here is an example Landing Page for the Linkedin Community.

You will see the H1 Tag, the paragraph and I even took the time to add a picture. Note: If you add a picture, make sure you add the alt tag and title tag to the pic using your keyword and also go as far as naming the picture using your keyword.

At the bottom of our paragraph that we add to EVERY Landing Page is a graphical representation of our call to action. So bottom line, this page took me 9 minutes to create, directed them to my core services and I will rank for this keyword in less than two weeks time. Though I really don't care for this keyword it will drive large amounts of traffic to my site and this Landing Page Strategy can do the same for you.

How to create a landing page for my productOne last thing. You might be asking, where and how do I link to this page once I have created it? You don't want to link to this page from your main menu, you don't want to add this page under your services. I (ONLY) link to this page from my sitemap and from offsite landing pages or social networks. This is just a Landing page. I probably will not be making changes to it but I do want the search Engines to index this page. So on all my Landing Pages I only link to the page from the sitemap and from offsite backlinks to help bring relevance to the page. I have found doing this actually gets the page ranked a tad bit quicker. Now if you want to get crazy (like I tend to do) I will run over to Google real quick, create another Landing Page using their free website service and then create a link from the Landing Page on Google to the first anchor tag I created (which happens to be my H1 Page Title) on the Landing Page. But that is just me!

Strategy of a Landing Page

Landing Page StrategiesThe strategies of a Landing Page are designed around 4 main principles. These principles, if carried out correctly produce a viral effect. However, we will get around to that in a minute. First and foremost, Landing Pages are designed around your targeted keywords. If the page is setup as demonstrated above, it will provide the long-term click through to your site that you need which brings us to principal number one.

Principal 1) Attract Visitors - Getting the click to your Landing Page will come over time, but once they get to the page they have got to want to read more to produce an action. That is why the Landing Page Tactic that I use (small paragraph) does not overwhelm your visitors. Its straight and to the point. More often than not, users are attracted to the "Core Set of Services Graphic" that we provide underneath our paragraph. So, the first principal is attracting your visitors and driving them to an action.

Principal 2) Convert Visitors to Customers - This principle is directly affected by principal one. Having your visitors follow through on an action whether that be by clicking a link, filling out an optin, signing up for a newsletter, picking up the phone and calling you or purchasing a product or service is the next step. We convert visitors to customers by providing their exact need. Converting a visitor to a customer is done by providing something of value for giving their name and email address, entering to win a contest, a reduction of price or something of value that will lead them to the next principle.

Principal 3) Retention and Growth of Customers - Retaining your clients comes from the value that they get from the product or service offering. The best customer is the one that a) comes back and b) bring others with them. Your Landing Pages are what draws them in, however, the meaty pages, core services or products that you are driving them to is really where they care going to get the true value. Some of the Landing Page Tactics that I use to grow my customer base are: 1) setting up ppc campaigns targeting my Landing Pages, 2) create posts within my social communities driving them to my Landing Pages 3) create offsite Landing Pages using the free website networks to link to the anchor tags on my onsite Landing Pages and 4) depending on your Landing Page Setup you can use affiliate networks to drive traffic to them. All in all, for this particular strategy I don't spend time driving traffic to these types of Landing Pages. These pages are specifically used to draw in traffic based on the specific keywords. This why I create hundreds of them.

Principle 4) Measure and Optimize - There are two ways to handle this step. You can do what I do with these specific designed Landing Pages and leave them be and use them only to pull in traffic from the keywords we chose, or you can monitor the hits they are getting, the bounce rates and make adjustments to them as necessary. There are many types and ways to build Landing Pages depending on your specific use for them. I personally do not monitor them anymore than to check the hits. I do not look for problems because there are just to many to keep track of if you follow my suggestions on quantity of these type pages.

Organic Landing PagesOrganic and Viral Result - Creating these type of Internal Landing Pages does two things. 1) they will give you the natural organic rankings within the search engines that you want and need and 2) depending on the type of Landing Page you create the viral effect will be your customers forwarding on either your Landing Page or your website. The more relevant pages you create on your website, the way in which they are built and the value that you offer greatly determines if your site gets forwarded to others. A good note to remember, the more value you offer, the better chance you have of others forwarding your site to people they know.

Bottom Line, if you follow this methodology for all your keywords on your list, two things will happen, 1) you are adding daily content (or weekly, depending on how often you are adding Landing Pages) to your site which the Search Engines LOVE and 2) you are insuring your online Internet Presence will produce and benefit you in the days to come by expanding your site to more end users looking for your products or services.

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