How to increase your page rank, site visibility and be viral marketed all at the same time?

Ever wonder why your competition seems to stay one step ahead of you on the internet with their page rank, traffic and visibility?

How to increase page rank, traffic and website visibility with social sharingEver wonder why your website just doesn't seem to want to climb hire up in the search engines? Are you scratching your head wondering what can you do differently that would produce a measurable result? Well, we have a tid-bit of information that might just give you the edge or the extra push that you need to get to the next level. What I am about to share is not an overnight fix, but it is the next step!

First, I need to create a base and give you a quick little history lesson to build upon so that when I share with you this simple onsite search engine optimization technique, it will make much better sense to you.

Traditional Search Engine Optimization

There are two ways to optimize a web page. Onsite SEO and Offsite SEO.

Onsite SEO is basically preparing your fresh content in the best means possible for your audience to get the information that they need and simultaneously attracting the search engines in such a way that when a user searches for content, they find your content. There are many techniques to do this.

Offsite SEO is used to bring relevance to a particular website or webpage. This is done by traditional back linking, splash pages, social networks, landing pages, reviews all linking back to your website or particular web page.

Both of these techniques are valid and should still be used, without a doubt!

BUT, what the search engines used to rank as relevant content is now changing. With the massive onset of social networking, the search engines have made a significant move to ranking content that users find relevant. How do they know how users gauge content as relevant? Simple; if a user likes a web page, they click (Facebook Share, Tweet it or share it etc).

Scenario: You have two competing websites in the same industry. One has what I like to call a social bar right above their content and one does not. They both have the same page rank, used the same SEO techniques and strategies but one website seems to have a higher placement within the search engines. In this scenario, the website with the social bar is getting their web page resubmitted virally across the internet by different readers. Thus, Google and the other search engines see this as important content. The site is getting an increase in web traffic (visibility) and back links are building which will ultimately increase your PAGE RANK!

If you notice, to the top left on this page is our social share bar. Please click the Facebook Share and Twitter buttons for us ;) We would appreciate it!

Viral Marketing Aspect

With the strategic placement of our social bar, it's always right in front of you. Every time you browse a page on our website, right there at the top left is our social share buttons. We have started implementing this strategy across all of our new client websites that we build. An example of this would be Justice for All. We only implemented this updated social bar a few weeks ago. This has produced a dramatic increase in viral marketing of their blog articles which has in turn increased site visibility. With a 30 second website update, and a few minutes a day of another SEO strategy we shared with our client, they are now getting 4000+ hits per article in a matter of days verses months.

Social Share Bar

Bottom Line: Adding the social bar to your site will increase viral marketing, produce more site visibility which increases site hits and flags your content as relevant. After all, the search engines want to produce search engine search results that people want to see, and the more people view a particular page, the search engines assume you will want to see it as well.

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