Website Design and Development Services

Getting Started: Overview and Process of our Website Design and Development Services

Web Site Design and Development ServicesOur Website Design and Development Services are a multi-step and charted process. We do not build cheap websites. We build result producing machines. There is a step-by-step proven-process for online internet success. If you are reading this right now, that just goes to show that our process works.

To help facilitate your project, we follow a detailed website design and development process that charts a path that not only fits your needs now, but also meets your needs in the future. This ensures that we design and develop a website that goes beyond your original expectations.

Step 1 of our Website Design and Development ServicesThe Discovery Process

When you request a website design and development quote or you pick up the phone and call us, the process of discovery starts. We are on a fact finding mission. We want to help. So, our process is to get as many facts about your website project as we can so that we have a clear understanding of your project. Between our questions and your requirements document that you have put together, we should be able to chart a path to success pretty quickly.

If you do not have your requirements done yet, then we would be more than happy to consult on your website project or you can download our website and logo preparation documents. If you have your requirements ready to go and just need a quote, click here and tell us what you need.

A sample of some of the questions we ask during the discovery stage:

  • What kind of presence do you currently have on the internet?
  • What social networks are you using or wanting to use?
  • Is this a redesign or website upgrade?
  • Will you be using a Windows or Linux server? Do you have a choice of what server your website sits on?
  • Do you have hosting already or are you open to our website hosting services?
  • Will your website just be an informational website?
  • Will it be more of a dynamic based system with content changing regularly?
  • Will your website need a profile/membership platform
  • Will you be selling products on your website?
  • Will you have any type of flash or videos being accesses or displayed on your website?
  • Will users accessing your website need to login, access accounts, make comments on articles, pictures or videos?
  • Will you need to have media galleries for photos or videos?
  • Will this be a social type of website with integrated applications?
  • Will you need to have portal access from your internal network/website?
  • What other applications will need to access your website?
  • Does your site need to integrate with any proprietary software?
  • What code do you want your website developed in? HTML5, PHP, ASP, .NET

Step 2 of our Website Design and Development ServicesDefinition - Research

In this stage we will be setting up milestones to reach. Some of these milestones might look like:

  • What are your overall goals for your site
  • What CMS Development platform will fit your needs
  • How many pages do you need, how many headers, graphics etc.
  • Setting up phases for development and rollout.

Website Development Platform Choice

One of the steps in this process is to choose the platform that best suits your needs. The most popular platforms used in the industry are Joomla, Wordpress, Magento, IPB Forums etc. We can build whatever you need. Once we know the platform, we can help you to make more precise decisions on layout and functionality.

Website Development Platforms - Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Linux, ASP, .net, mysql, concrete5

Layout/Framework/Website Structure

Website Design ServicesWebsite Design Kansas City Setting up the framework/structure of your website is an important part of the overall web design process. As you see over to the left (click to view larger image), the design must incorporate several aspects that only trained - professional website designers generally know about.

For example, your website must be designed with scalability in mind, but at the same time allowing consumers to find what they need immediately. Site expansion, social sharing, latest design trends and all the strategy behind the design must be worked out in the beginning. Your website is a doorway into your business and must be persuasive.

Part of the web design process it to think beyond your website to future inbound marketing strategies. This will present several key-aspects to the layout of your site that are crucial for future growth. We help you layout the structure of your website based on the your current and future goals, using our 10+ years of award winning skill to guide you the entire step of the process; the entire time keeping your customers "user experience" the priority.

Step 3 of our Website Design and Development ServicesWebsite Design

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One last thing we have to mention. Do you have a logo for your website yet? The logo is the cornerstone of the entire website design process and without, we cannot design a website for you. So, if you have one already, awesome! Just send it over to us. If not, feel free to check out our Logo Design Services.

Step 4 of our Website Design and Development ServicesWebsite Development

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Step 5 of our Website Design and Development ServicesWebsite Deployment

Once we have reached the phase of this project your website will have been thoroughly tested and approved. We will move your website over to the hosting provider of your choice, install your new website and backup your old website if necessary. Make sure to ask use about our disaster recovery plans as well as our super fast hosting.

Step 6 of our Website Design and Development ServicesOnsite SEO Services

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