Website Project Consulting Services

Joomla Website Consulting Services

You know what you want, but...

you are not quite sure how it's all going to come together?

We help you to:

  • Gather information, processes, procedures, policies and practices
  • Identify your needs, problems, concerns, strengths and weaknesses
  • Research competition, serp index, market, industry and presence
  • Assess the goals, current initiatives, success and failures
  • Put together the flow charts, plans, goals, concepts and framework
  • Layout the path, assess the steps, clarify the process
  • Identify problem areas, re-evaluate goals and establish requirements
  • RFP production, implementation and project management
  • and much more...

Our Website Project Consulting Services is based on a time-proven process that produces results. Every layer of a project needs to be defined in such a way that it literally saves you money on development. Most projects would not cost a 1/4 as much as they do if all steps where clearly spelled out in a phase 1, step 1 or a-z type format.

Our experience has shown a project's deadlines and budget can be met and reduced by using this approach. If you have a project and you are not quite sure where you can save money, or what technology you need to use to produce the functionality/results/goals that you want. Give us a call, let us help you through the process.