Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a must in today's internet world. Because of how the search engines view "shared content" now more than ever, to continue growing your business, your website must offer social media sharing capabilities. Rule #1: shared content has more value than non-shared content. This means, if your competitors pages are being shared via the social networks and yours is not, then their pages have a higher rank/page value then yours. Rule #2: If content has value, it has more visibility.

Social Media Inbound Marketing ServicesOur Social Media Marketing Services

There are several steps to prepare for building an online social following.

  • Business plan creation for your social strategy
  • Setup of social accounts such as Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
  • Graphical design of company banners, profile images & layout modifications
  • Functionality integration such as hub spot, sales force, contact forms etc.
  • Social share bars integrated into website and it's pages.
  • Social sharing, posts, schedules, manually input or with tools like hub spot or hootsuite.
We can help you create the focus, goals and path. We then give your social accounts the look and feel of your website. We then determine if any additional functionality integration into the social networks is necessary and then we teach you how to grow your social networks in such a way that it not only brings value to your website and content, but creates new revenue streams and client engagement.