Hosting Account for Developers/Partners

Free Website Development Server for Website Developers

Get a FREE website hosting account and 30% of the hosting profits!

Are you a website developer that creates websites for your clientele and need a website development server/staging environment to work with so that your clients can watch your website build process?

Here is how this works

Our developer hosting account is $19.00 a month on signup and then...
IF you refer 2 new Standard, Joomla or Wordpress Hosting clients to us, we will access your account, flip a switch and your developer account will be FREE.

The developer hosting account get's 10GB's of web hosting storage space as well as unlimited bandwidth.

Plus, you will be getting 30% of the hosting fees from each one of your referrals FOR LIFE!

Developer Plan
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Getting Started is Simple

Follow all of the steps below and you will have a free development account to build your clients websites in no time. If you have any questions about the process do not hesitate to ask us a question.

Setup a Development Hosting Account  Setup a Developer Hosting Account

Purchase the developer hosting account. Once you click the order button to the right the first step will be to choose a domain name. You can:

  1. Use a free sub-domain of The Turn Group (there are several to choose from).
  2. or you can purchase a domain name specifically for your development environment.


As a rule, we use the development root account for a splash page and then create our development sites in sub-domains such as If you do not have a website, you can use the domain you setup as your website and then create your sub domains within your account for your clients as needed. Whatever you need, we can help with the setup.

Setup a Development Hosting Account  Get an Affiliate Link

Once your account is setup, "activate your affiliate account" and use your affiliate link to get your 2 new customers. 2 customers gets your account down to FREE. Using the affiliate link to get those 2 customers gets you 30% of their hosting fees for life. Check out our website hosting affiliate program.

Website Hosting Banners  Affiliate Banners

After everything is setup you will want to head on over to your account and grab the affiliate banner code you can start using to advertise our business hosting services. Anyone who signs up a business hosting account with your affiliate account link or by clicking any banners you place on the internet; you receive 30% of their hosting fees on our business hosting plans.

*Affiliate fees do not apply to our Managed Web Hosting Accounts. See our affiliate policy.

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