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Is your Joomla Website, Kunena Forum or Joomla Registration page getting hit by spam bots, fake users or some type of user hack? This happens to hundreds of thousands of users who use the Joomla Registration Page. One would think this problem would have been solved by now but it has not.


If you have done your research you will undoubtedly be told to try recaptcha or a question and answer type anti-spam to stop the Joomla Registration Page from being spammed. The problem is, sometimes they work and most of the time they don't. As of this writing, I have tried the recaptcha on my Joomla Registration Page and I was getting fake accounts signed up within hours of implementation. Then I tried the questions and answers type of catpcha where they actually had to answer a question. That didn't work either.


However, I had the solution already installed in my Joomla Website and didn't even know it; RSJoomla Firewall! With RSFirewall and the combination of anti-spam I have completely STOPPED all Joomla Registration spam, hacks and virus upload attempts on my website and simultaneously completely secured my website. HOW? The RSFirewall has a country blocker... Since I only operate my business in the United States and I have been in business for 10 years, I know where my business comes from. I blocked almost every country except the US. This instantly stopped the spam.


RSFirewall Stops:

  • Virus uploads
  • Code Injections
  • Allows for a second level Admin Login
  • Country Blocking
  • Gives advice how to make some changes to really secure your website

Installing RSFirewall has stopped all spam on our websites and has absolutely been the best anti-spam/anit-hacker/anti-virus component we have come across.

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