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Did you just recently update your Joomla Website to the new 3.2 update and when you login (if you can)

you get the following error?

Password too long. Please select a password with 55 or fewer characters

And to make matters worse, do you have Mijoshop installed and now you get a login box to sign in to access that section as well?

Well so did we. Here is what we did to fix it.

  • We updated Mijoshop from 2.1.7 to 2.1.8 and that fixed most of the problems. At least we are able to access the componoent now. However, this still gave us the above error.
  • We then went into the user manager (thank God almighty we only had two users) and one of the users (me) has a space in my user name: As soon as I made my username one word instead of two the error went away immediately.

This is not a perfect fix but it worked...

In the user manager when we attempted to update the password (before we changed the user name) we got the following error.

Save failed with the following error: Please enter a valid username. No spaces, at least 2 characters and must not contain the following characters: < > " ' % ; ( ) &

We could not update the password without removing the space or changing the username. I am assuming at the moment that this is a bug in the new Joomla 3.2 update.

Hope this helps!

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Did you update to Joomla 3.2 and then when trying to upload a new blog post to your site or something that caused your website to "SendMail" you got the following error message?

The mail function has been temporarily disabled on this site, please try again later.

We got the same thing. Here is what you do. Go into your Joomla Administration panel and go to GLobal Configuration. Then click on your server settings tab and then under the Mail Settings section you will see two buttons. More than likely you have yes selected for sending mail via php.

Turn this to NO and then click save. Once that has saved, switch it back to yes. Then try whatever you did to get the error message again and this should have resolved it.

You can also try toggling back and forth between the PHP, SendMail and SMTP settings and clicking save as you switch thru. This seems to have fixed the problem on ALL of our sites we recently upgraded to Joomla 3.2.

Hope this helps!

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