Are you getting dashes in your s-script, j-avascript, s-tyle, i-frame when you save scripts in Joomla 2.5 content pages?

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This problem rests with the RS Firewall Active Scanner for the Administrator Section under the Firewall Configuration section.

For an immediate (but temporary) fix would be to uncheck the Active Scanner for the admin section. But, this leaves you vunerable. So, I do not recommend this for a long-term fix. So with a little playing around, here is the long-term solution for the problem.

Here is what I did to fix it.

  • I accessed the black/white list feature and added my IP address to the white list.
  • I then created an exception with the below following settings.
  • Exception Type: component
  • Use Reg Expressions: no
  • Match: com_content
  • Skip PHP protections: yes
  • Skip SQL protections: yes
  • Skip JS protections: NO
  • Skip Upload protections: yes
  • Reason: Allow in content
  • Published: Yes

This has fixed my problem. Now a couple of things to keep in mind.

  • Unless you have a static IP address, your IP address will eventually change. However, the only time this will matter is in months from now and you access a page and save it and this happens all over again. You might need to check and update your IP address.
  • Sometimes your editor within Joomla blocks scripts as well as the user filter settings. You need to make sure that your filter settings as well as your editor settings allows for you to make direct (raw) html code posts within your Joomla Content Pages.

I hope this helps.

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