FREE SEO & Website Diagnostic Services

Do any of these problems below sound familiar to you at all?
  • Not getting the page rank that you want
  • Not getting the traffic that you want
  • Not indexing in Google correctly
  • Not knowing how your competitors do it
  • What keywords you are actually ranking for
  • What keywords you should be ranking for
  • Low or non-existent page rank
  • Visits but no conversions/sales
  • Not sure what all the social networks do
  • Outdated code, corrupted code, invalidated code.
  • No landing page conversions or tracking
  • High bounce rates, short stays
  • Unfriendly urls - bad serp index
  • Outdated, improperly formatted and missing meta tags
  • Wrong keyword density, wrong keywords in general
  • No inbound marketing strategies at all

If you experienced any of the above issues, it's no wonder why everyone else shows up within the search engines in top spots and you don't!

Our 5 star SEO and Website Diagnostic service we provide:

  • Website Check Report: It will examine and give advice on the crucial structural aspects of your website, its links, pages, page coding and other factors that may influence a websites’ rankings in the search engines. It will also provide you with actionable niche-specific guidelines on optimizing webpage’s content to rank high within the search engines.
  • Competitor Check Report: Will let you see exactly how your competitors got their rankings in the search engines so that you can mimic their strategy and eventually outrank them.
  • Rank Check Report: We will check your keywords you are ranking for and where you are located within the search engines as well as up to 5 competitor websites. Track and compare.
  • Speed Check Report: Will report on load times and what exact areas of your site you can make some changes so as to speed your website up.

Search Engine Optimization Awardsand finally...Detailed Website Diagnostic Report

  • Having a complete diagnosis of your website does no good without an action plan to get your website better. Once we have ran all the reports that our SEO Experts know how to run, we will then produce for you our recommendation for fixing the issues based off your SEO Website Diagnostics reports. We will provide a complete analysis of the data we receive back on your website with a full list of recommendations that will help to increase your websites productivity. Once you have all the information, we can then quote you on fixing the issues, or you can hand the report over to your webmaster.
Why Are We Doing This For Free?

We believe in success principles. A key principle to success is helping others achieve their dreams. How do we do that? By giving of our time and talents! It is that simple. What you focus on, what seeds you consistently plant in others, will produce growth exponentially.

Several things will happen when you signup for these FREE REPORTS below.

  • You will get our reports and you will implement them or have your developer implement them. (You/We are blessed) or
  • You will have us implement them for you. (You/We are blessed) or
  • You share this with others. (You/We/Others are blessed)
  • All we ask of you in return for this free service, is that you share this page with others so they can be blessed as well :)

Are you ready to get started with our FREE SEO and Website Diagnostic Reports?

There are a few things you need to know before we get started. This service is for U.S based clients only. We are a modest company with modest resources and can not service the entire world. So, if you or your company are not in the U.S.A then this service is not for you. Secondly, filling out the form below adds you to our SEO Report Que.

This is a free service. Thousands are taking us up on our offer (and we can only do so many of these a day) so there may be a back log and wait. Just as soon as we get to your submission, we will contact you. If you need these reports immediately and want to jump to the first of the line, (when we are not giving it away, we charge $199 for this service.) You can fill out this form to expedite your request.

And finally - your information is kept completely confidential. We do not share, sell, spam your email address! We hate that and we are sure you do to.

Need us to sign an NDA Agreement first? Download our NDA, sign and attach to your quote request at the bottom of this form.

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