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The Turn Group Refund PolicySubmitting a Ticket to our Billing Department:
To better serve you, please login to The Turn Group account here ( and submit a support ticket by clicking on the support button and then selecting the billing department.
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By using our services you agree to be bound by the terms, conditions and policies outlined on this page.

Hosting Account Refund
Our hosting services come with a 30 day money back guarantee. This is a "no questions asked refund" for hosting services only. Our base rate hosting fee for the following accounts (Standard, Flex, Support, Pro and SEO Hosting Plans are $19.00. For the Flex, Support, Pro and SEO Hosting Plans there are additional costs associated with these hosting plans for (development, training, support and maintenance) services time. This part of the hosting package is non-refundable. For example, if 15 days into the Pro Hosting Plan you ask for a refund, you would receive a $19.00 refund. The time associated with the aforementioned hosting plans are non-refundable whether you use them or not.

Dedicated Server Refund

Because of the nature of this product, the time and provisioning of this service. There are no refunds for a dedicated server purchase for any reason. Cancellation of this service needs to be before you next billing cycle. If you are billed and cancel the next day, you will not receive a refund for the prior days billing. Your access to the account will be until the next billing cycle.

Rollover Time

The Flex Hosting Plan has a 1 hour monthly time allotment associated to it's respective package. Any unused time has a 2 month rollover expiration. So if you do not user your time within an allotted month, that time is rolled over into the next month. If you do not use any of the first months time on the third month, that first months time expires. There are no refunds for unused time. Rollover time can not be used for any other hosting account.

Downgrading your account

If for some reason you decide to downgrade your account to a lesser plan, your hosting rate is prorated. Any unused time from our Flex, Support, Pro and SEO Hosting Plans are non-refundable. You may downgrade your plan, but any unused time is not applied to your new hosting plan. The unused time is lost.

Domain Name Purchase Refund

There is absolutely no refunds on domain names. Because of the registration process of a domain name, once you purchase it, for whatever length of registration you purchased the domain name for is how long you will own it. This is an industry standard rule and applies to all hosting companies.

SSL Certificate Refunds

SSL certificates are purchased on an annual basis. When you purchase an SSL certificate you automatically get a dedicated IP address as well. There are no refunds on SSL certificates do to the nature of an SSL certificate and the time to implement it. Once you have an SSL certificate the most you can do is request that we uninstall it for you. If the SSL certificate is uninstalled, you also lose your dedicated IP address.

Services Refund

Services are defined as any service provided to you other than a hosting account. Examples of our services are as follows; website design, development, SEO, hourly, project based or monthly services. Any time we provide services above and beyond your hosting account you are either billed on an hourly basis, monthly basis or on a per project basis. Refunds are relative to the type of work that we have done for you. If we have provided a service for you, more than likely it comes with some type of service guarantee. A refund on a service is based on the completion or non-completion of the work requested. Example: if you requested us to do a backup or a restoration of a backup for you. Once the backup or restoration is completed and verified, you would not be able to request a refund at that point. However, if the backup or restoration was not done by a set and appointed time and a refund is requested, a refund would be provided. Each request will be taken on a case by case basis and treated within our "TOS" and conducted in a fair manner.

Pre-Purchased Block Time - Deposits

Pre-purchased block time and deposits have a dollar and time value associated to them. Depending on how the initial block time purchase or deposit was made (first time client or existing client) determines the time value of your block time or deposit. In other words, client rates are $85 an hour and first time purchasers, first time projects or first time clients, rates are $125 an hour. In the case of pre-purchased block time or deposits toward projects, cash refunds are only issued within the first 1 month of the original deposit or purchase. Once the 1 month mark has expired, your dollars (which originally represented either a block of time based on a rate or a deposit towards a project based on a rate) converts to time-only and is available within your account. Though our system tracks your available time, as of this moment, we have no way to display that amount of time available to you within your account for you to view. If you need to know what your available time is, simply login to your account and send us a ticket with your time-available request.

At, we pride ourselves on the success of a project. We will work with you in every way possible to make sure you are completely satisfied with our services. The Turn Group also reserves the right to make any changes to our refund policy without notification.