Guarantee Policy

The Turn Group Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Not completely satisfied with our hosting services? Not a problem!

Simply login to the client area found here: and submit a support ticket to our billing department requesting your website account be terminated and request a refund.

What if you have already been hosting with us for 32 or 33 days and you were charged a second time and you decide you want to go some place else? That is fine. We will not only refund your last 30 days, but we will refund your new billing cycle as well. As long as your refund request is before or on the 34th day of service you will get a full refund. Any requests made after the 34th day will not be approved. Click the link to view more details about our "Hosting Account Refund."

Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee only applies to your hosting service. Any add-ons, maintenance, support or domain names do not qualify for a refund.

The Turn Group Services Policy

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Will Be Done Right the First Time

There is nothing worse than having a problem and not being able to get it fixed. Though we are experts in web development, we do not claim to know it all. However, our clients can have the confidence that if we go to work on a problem, we will get it fixed and our guarantee is that we wont quit until it's done right. Our Service Level Guarantee is that we will use every resource, ever skill, every hour of our working day to follow through on our work using every resource we have available to us.

This guarantee follows any of our Business Class Professional and Project Services. Need us to get to work on something for you? Contact us and get a free web quote.

The Turn Group Uptime Hosting Guarantee

99% Uptime Guarantee

Hosting Credit Refund

At The Turn Group, our hosting service is a well-oiled-machine. Our hosting servers are only taken down for maintenance, upgrades, and virus-spam patches. We will always let you know via email when the servers are going to be taken down for service. This down-time is for your protection as well as to increase our quality of service. We are a company that stays on-top of what we say we can deliver.

However, sometimes unscheduled outages occur. Though VERY RARE, we do believe in backing our Hosting Services with a guarantee. Unlike most companies that boast an uptime guarantee, they make no mention of what they will do if they actually fall short of their claims. We proudly back our network services and offer a downtime pro-rated refund if we fall below our guaranteed uptime.

Downtime Service Credits are as follows:

  • 100% - 99% uptime: No Credit

  • 98% - 93% uptime: 5% Credit

  • 92% - 85% uptime: 10% Credit

  • 84% - 70% uptime: 15% Credit

  • 70% or less: Full Credit Issued