Billing Policy

Customer Service Contact

Submitting a Ticket to our Billing Department
To better serve you, please login to The Turn Group account here ( and submit a support ticket by clicking on the support button and then selecting the billing department.

Plans and Services

These are the Hosting Plans that are associated with our monthly or annually recurring billing agreement.

  • Flex Plan 1
  • Flex Plan 2
  • Flex Plan 3
  • Flex Plan 4
  • Flex Plan 5
  • Flex Plan 6
  • Flex Plan 7
  • Flex Plan 8
  • Flex Plan 9
  • Flex Plan 10
  • Flex Plan 11
  • Flex Plan 12
  • Flex Plan 13
  • Flex Plan 14
  • Flex Plan 15

You will have the ability to upgrade or downgrade the service at any time during the term. Such upgrades or downgrades will take effect immediately. For any upgrade in package level, the credit card that you provided as part of your Registration Data will automatically be charged a pro-rata amount for the higher level service. For any downgrade in package level, there is no pro-rata. Your next months billing will reflect the new downgraded packaged price. Please note that downgrading your service "may" cause the loss of content and/or features of your website, and The Turn Group does not accept any liability for such loss.

Click here for our Refund Policy

You can upgrade or downgrade your hosting account plan at any time by accessing your online hosting account, and submitting a ticket to our billing department.

These are the add-on services that are associated with our monthly or annually recurring billing agreement.

  • SSL Certificates rates are displayed here.
  • Dedicated IP Address rates are displayed here.
  • Website maintenance and support - hourly or project based
  • Website development - hourly or project based
  • Project consulting services - hourly or project based
  • Backups, migrations - siter estorations $50 - $150 depending on time/difficulty

Our hourly rates for all non-SEO related work is $150 per hour.
Our hourly rates for SEO work is $250 per hour.
Our hourly rates for nights (starting at 5pm central time), weekends and holidays (if available) is $250 an hour.

By using our services you agree to be bound by the terms, conditions and policies outlined on this page.

Secure Site Access

Our entire website is secured with 256bit encryption by a SSL Security Certificate.

Credit Card Processing and Security
Your credit card details are securely stored in our billing software, which is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption. Actual credit card transactions are processed through our partners,, not by The Turn Group. Both entities uphold the strictest SSL security measures to encrypt your transaction data. The Turn Group accesses your credit card information solely for processing charges related to "agreed and invoiced" services outside our routine monthly billing or for verifying your account. We do not have access to your complete credit card number; only the last four digits are visible to us, with the remaining details being encrypted.


Credit Card Charges
The credit card that the Account Holders provides will be charged immediately upon checkout of any of our services. The only items that are billed monthly are our hosting accounts and monthly support agreements. All currency references are in U.S. dollars. Please note, unless The Turn Group gives notice to the contrary, payment for the service is billed on a monthly or on an annual basis (as selected by the Accounts Holder). The Turn Group accepts payments via and or a company based check. These payments types are subject to change at any time without notice.

Account Holder agrees that each service has expressed limitations of that service, regulated in the description of that particular service. If Account Holder exceeds the limits of that service additional fees may apply.

Account holder shall be responsible for contacting The Turn Group when credit card information has changed or when Account Holder feels they have been incorrectly charged. The Turn Group will not be responsible for any fees that occur therein.

Invoices will be sent out in a PDF format to the email address you listed when you signed up an account with The Turn Group. Payment invoices that are due will be sent out 7 days prior to automatic billing. If your payment method is set to credit card, payment for your service will be debited from your credit/debit card automatically on your due date and a receipt will be emailed to you.

Payment Arrangements
Account Holders can call in, email or submit a ticket to our billing department for a payment arrangements. Payment arrangements would need to be made if your account is suspended do to a check bouncing, credit card processing failure or if a delay in payment is needed. The Turn Group does reserve the right to decline payment arrangements at any time for any reason. Payment arrangements are a courtesy. Only one payment arrangement can be requested every 6 months. If a payment agreement is not kept, all services will may be terminated immediately.

Mail-in Payment
If your company requires payment via check, please contact our billing department at. Invoice dates can be arranged based on your company's accounts payable needs. Mail-in payments have the same process of invoicing as credit card payments with the same restrictions. If a check bounces, there will be a $35.00 bounced check fee - not to exceed 2 fees. If check does not clear on second attempt, or another payment arrangement has not been made, account will be suspended and within 30 days be terminated. If a check bounces, we no longer will accept checks from your company.

Mail-in payment address:
The Turn Group
1855 Bent Oaks Dr
Liberty, MO 64068

Account Suspension
Accounts will be suspended 10 days after the due date of an unpaid invoice. From time to time "life" happens. If you find yourself in a situation where your credit card information has changed, forgot to make a deposit, or something unforeseen happened, send us an email and make your request for your site to be turned back on, explain the situation and let us know when we will receive the past due payment. You are allowed one exception every 6 months.

How to un-suspend your account
Login to your client account ( and pay the open invoice. Your account will be automatically released. If the account does not auto release, you will need to submit a support ticket to the billing department.

Cancellation of Service
Login to your The Turn Group account here ( From the clients area, access one of your "active" products or services and click cancel. Once requested, you will receive notification by email. You will be provided 2 choices for the cancel request when submitting - either instant cancellation or at the end of the current billing cycle.

Account Deletion - Termination of Service
Hosting account can be terminated and or deleted (at The Turn Group's discretion) 45 days past the due date of the last invoice or if a prior payment arrangement was not kept. Your account can also be deleted with or without notification for hosting adult, offensive, derogatory, illegal or spam websites or if your are caught spamming from our servers. If account restoration is needed/approved, an account restoration fee of $150.00 will be charged. Payment must be made via check or direct deposit ONLY to our bank account. If a file/backup restoration is needed (after account termination and if the files are available for backup) a $150 fee will be charged. Payment must be made via check or direct deposit ONLY to our bank account prior to restoration/backup retrieval.

The Turn Group also reserves the right to request that accounts that are suspended or in termination status, that those payments for restoration be paid via check or direct bank deposit.

Failure to pay all applicable charges and service fees when due, including, but not limited to your credit card being declined or rejected by our merchant account processing gateway, shall be deemed a default cancellation without notice. If you modify your name server settings or other settings activating your site on another service this unilateral action shall be deemed a default cancellation without notice. If you terminate your receipt of the services prior to the end of the Initial Term or the Renewal Term, whichever is then applicable, (a) The Turn Group shall not be obligated to refund you any fees paid in advance of such termination. Your termination request must be submitted to The Turn Group. It is your obligation to notify The Turn Group of any change in billing or contact information in advance of the renewal date. Termination request will not be processed unless all due invoices are paid.

You agree The Turn Group, in its sole discretion, may terminate your password, and/or account, and remove and discard any content within the service (including, but not limited to your website if you are an Account Holder), for any reason, including and without limitation, the lack of use, or if The Turn Group believes that you have violated or acted inconsistently with the letter or spirit of the "TOS" Any contracts, verbal or written or assumed, in conjunction with your deleted website (as applicable) and all its parts, at The Turn Group's discretion, will be terminated as well. The Turn Group may also in its sole discretion and at any time, discontinue providing the service, or any part thereof, with or without notice. You agree that any termination of your access to the service under any provision of the "TOS and TOWU" may be effected without prior notice, and acknowledge and agree that The Turn Group may immediately deactivate or delete your website, as applicable, and all related information and files. The Turn Group reserves the right to bar any further access to such files or the service. You agree that The Turn Group shall not be liable to you or any third-party for any termination of your access to the service. Paid accounts that are terminated will not be refunded.

If for whatever reason your account is suspended for lack of payment and the account goes into termination status, The Turn Group reserves the right to delete account and all data and or claim ownership of all data and files as well as to sell all data and files (excluding private information, financial information or proprietary information) in order to compensate for balance due, which includes but not limited too, listing on the public market for fair market value.

You also agree that any account that goes into termination status without payment on account, you forfeit ownership of the account and all related data and files within the account and that all data and files are subject to ownership by The Turn Group and becomes the sole property with all the rights, entitlements under the law. You further agree that without express permission, account settlement, or compensation of fair market value and a written release from The Turn Group you will infringe on our rights and ownership of all data and files if used without our consent with another hosting company from any backups of the site and content and will be subject to prosecution by the fullest extent of the law.

Late Fees
5 days after payment due date, a 10% late fee will be assessed based on the total invoice value. Fees are non-negotiable.

Late notices for hosting/service fees
Late notices are sent to the primary account holder and any sub-accounts set up to receive invoice notices.

  1. 10 days past the due date: First overdue reminder
  2. 20 days past the due date: Second overdue reminder
  3. 28 days past the due date: Third overdue reminder and reminder that service will be suspended

Billing Date Adjustments
If you need to make an adjustment to the date of your billing cycle, login to your The Turn Group account here ( and submit a support ticket by clicking on the support button and then selecting the billing department requesting the adjustment to your billing cycle. You can also change your billing cycle to annually.

Domain Purchases
A reminder will be sent to the primary account holder for your domains. If you have domains registered with The Turn Group you will receive the following notices when your domain is about to expire. Please note we are not responsible if you do not receive these notices. We recommend you mark your calendar for when the domain will expire and make sure you renew your domain.

  1. 30 days before your domain will expire: First renewal notice
  2. 15 days before your domain will expire: Second renewal notice
  3. 5 days before your domain will expire: Third renewal notice

If you fail to renew your domain name before it expires, you risk losing your domain name. Be sure to mark your calendar and renew or purchase several years of domain registration. Domains can't be suspended.

Professional or Project Work

Professional Work
Any type of custom work will fall under 2 categories, Professional Service or Project. Professional work qualifies if it takes us two hours or less. We charge one hour minimum and in 15 minute increments after that until we are finished or we hit the two hour point. Professional Services are billed at $85hr for existing clients and The Turn Group reserves the right to not start work until services are paid for upfront.

Project Work
If we determine your request will take more than two hours, we will quote your project and produce an invoice. Depending on the terms agreed to, once a down payment has been made, we would begin work. For anything classified as a project, payment would be rendered via check, wire transfer or direct deposit. In most cases, we do not accept credit card payments for projects.

If an Account Holder has been granted a discount for The Turn Group's services and cancels the service before the agreed upon period, Account Holder must pay for the all services rendered up to the point of cancellation at the full hourly rate. All project deposits are non-refundable.

The Turn Group reserves the right to update/change our Billing Policy Terms and Conditions without notice.