Backup Policy

It is very important to understand that the backup of your website is extremely important to The Turn Group and a task we take very seriously. We have two completely different backup policies.

Hosting Client Backups: The backup of your website.

Project File Backups: The backup of any project files we produce for you.

Live Hosting Client Backups

Our website backup system is completely automated and done at several levels. The schedule below is the responsibility of The Turn Group.

Datacenter Backup:
Our datacenter will backup your website on weekly basis. If we need to restore datacenter side backups, there is a $150 dollar charge.

Server Level Backup:
Our server will backup your website to our Amazon S3 account daily, weekly and monthly. The schedule for that is below.

  • Daily Backup: backups are performed every day and we keep only the last 7 days.
  • Weekly Backup: backups are performed every Saturday and we only keep 3 of the past weeks backups.
  • Monthly Backup: backups are performed at the first of every month and we only keep 1 monthly backup.

If we need to restore server side backups, there is a $150 dollar charge.

Dev Site Backup:
Each hosting account with The Turn Group comes with an extra development account as part of your Flex Hosting Account Plan. This dev account is NOT backed up by The Turn Group. However, you can use this dev account as a live backup and or a staging environment.

Client Responsibility

Cpanel Backup
At any time you may login to your cpanel account and initiate a full site wide backup.

Client Portal Backup
At any time you may login to your Hosting Account Portal, click on your hosting plan and initiate a full site wide backup by clicking the backup icon.

Onsite Website Back
At any time you may login to your back admin area of your website and initiate a backup using the installed Akeeba backup software. We recommend you backup your website any time you login to your back admin area BEFORE you make any changes to your site.

Project File Backups

Each client we work with in one form or another transmits information/data about their website or project to us. This could be done by filling out online forms, email transmittals, or online drop-type boxes or submitting documents directly to us. Depending on what kind of work we are doing for you, we could also produce for you documents, design files or code as well as any emails we send your way. We keep all documents you send us or that we send you for a minimum of one year. After one year, we reserve the right to delete any documentation about any and all work received or submitted to The Turn Group.

All information we receive by you is kept strictly confidential and stored on a Two-Factor authenticated secured server. What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two Factor Authentication, or 2FA, is an extra layer of protection used to ensure the security of online accounts beyond just a username and password.