Joomla Development Done Right

If your website is not built correctly, you lose visibility, page rank and money!
We build websites that are:
  • Browser Responsive
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Tablet Friendly
  • Validated (perfect) Code
  • HTML5 - CSS3
  • Fast Loading - Light Code
  • Quality Assured - Tested
  • Completely Supported

Joomla Web Development is an umbrella that covers many different aspects of a website, the building of the website and the services that maintain the Joomla website once built. Listed below are just a few of the items that fall under our Joomla Website Development Services.

Joomla Web Development
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Once your Joomla Website Design or Redesign has been completed, it is time to get your design ready for the Joomla! CMS. But, there are still a couple of VERY important steps left. These steps HAVE to be perfect. These next three steps are were 97% of other Joomla Website Development Companies FAIL to deliver. Why? Because if the next 3 steps are not LITERALLY done perfect, then your site will suffer in the search engines, load slow, code written incorrectly etc.

Basically, these next few steps are what separate the big dogs from the wannabe website developers.

Step 1 -Converting your new Joomla Web Page Design into Joomla PSD (design file) Conversion

Now we begin the conversion of your custom Joomla Website Design file (also known as a .psd Adobe Photoshop file) and convert that into HTML5 and CSS3. This conversion process is what makes your Joomla Website viewable on the internet.

Our .psd conversion process utilizes the latest in web design technology. ALL of our websites are now built with:
Joomla Site Development - Web Development

Step 2 - Now its time to choose your Joomla Framework and Version to build your website on. Joomla Framework Selection

All of our sites as of 2013 are developed with the latest standards available on the internet today. These standards provide our Joomla Websites with the most flexibility so that they can perform at the level in which you expect. Long past are the days of websites not showing up correctly within different browsers. Compatibility is key when it comes to your website performing at its peak.

Step 2 of the Joomla Website Development process is to choose the framework of which your design will be built on. The 5 most used frameworks are the following:

Joomla Framework Development

What exactly is the Joomla Framework? The Framework we are talking about here in step 2 is the layer that ties your design/functionality into the Joomla Core (CMS) itself. This framework layer gives your website different levels of functionality such us: Cross browser support, module structure, grid system, print style sheets, java script effects etc.

This layer called "Framework" is installed into Joomla and your HTML5/CSS3 converted design is then installed into the Framework. This allows for your template to be responsive, have accordion menus, drop downs, widgets etc. Basically all the cool stuff your website does is provided by the Framework.

Though there are several other Frameworks to choose from, the above mentioned are the most flexible and reliable. If there is not a specified preference, our standard development framework we use for our Joomla Website Development is Warp.

The last step of this stage

is to pick the version of Joomla that you will be using. We do not build "new" Joomla Websites on Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 or 1.8 anymore. Though we still "support" these older versions, they are no longer supported by Joomla. We do build websites on Joomla 2.5, Joomla 3.x.. Just let us know which version you wish to have your Joomla Website built on.

Note: keep in mind that during the discovery stage of this project we will probably determine the version based on your requirements. A lot of components are not yet supported by Joomla Version 3.x yet.

Step 3 - The final development of your Joomla Website Joomla Website Development

Joomla Website Development is the last step. You are like, "isn't this all Joomla Website Development?" Well, kinda sorta, lol! :)

Once the Joomla design conversion process is complete and you have chosen your framework to build it on, we then begin the integration of your freshly coded HTML5/CSS3 template and integrate it into the Joomla CMS Platform and Framework; (now its Joomla Website Development).

During this development stage, we begin the install/configuration of your different extensions, components and modules you selected during the discovery stage of the project. Once the functionality has all been installed and tested, we then begin the upload of your content and graphics, tie it all in together and Poof; you have a state-of-the-art website that is ready for Joomla SEO - Search Engine Optimization.