Joomla Web Design

Joomla Website Design

Joomla Web Design

Creating a custom Joomla Website is an amazing process of taking a concept and turning it into a reality. Our Joomla Web Design process charts a path starting with the "look and feel" and ends with a completely funtional website that will surpass all your expectations.

Our Joomla Designers have produced thousands of Joomla Web Designs over the course of the last 10 years and we hit the mark every single time. Let us show you how we turn ordinary into extraordinary!

Getting Started with our Joomla Website Design Services

The first step in this process is the fact gathering stage. In order to produce the perfect website for your company, we must first define what the perfect Joomla website would be for you.

Joomla Web Design AwardsFact finding process: to produce results every time we follow our Joomla Website Development Project Process. It is this time-proven process that has helped form and shape us into the #1 rated Joomla Website Design Company we are today. Once we have all our questions answered we produce a design brief. This fact sheet is all the information that designers need to start crafting the "look and feel" of your new website.

In the fact finding stage, we ascertain:

Joomla Website Design Process
Our custom Joomla Web Design services are second to none. We produce Joomla website designs for Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, corporations, famous brands, small businesses and mom and pop shops. Once we have completed the design process it is time to build your Joomla Website with all the bells, whistles and functionality you need to get your website live on the internet. Click here to see our Joomla Website Development process.

The design of your Joomla Website is just one of many phases.
We do offer packages, just let us know what you need so we can customize a complete package for you.

Joomla Website Redesign

Joomla Website Redesign

Do you need Joomla Website Redesign Services? With a Joomla Redesign, we would follow the same Joomla Web Design process mentioned above to layout your new look and feel. More than likely your current Joomla version will need to be updated as well your existing components that make up the functionality of your Joomla website.

We will go through all of the steps above and unless you plan on changes, you should have most of your content ready to go from the old site. Whatever your Joomla Website Redesign needs are, we will work with you every step of the way to meet your project goals.

Joomla Website Design Samples

Frequently Asked Questions about: Joomla! Website Design

What is Joomla! and what does it have to do with web design?

Joomla! is a Content Management System (or also called platform) that your website is built on so that your website can be viewable on the internet. Joomla! makes up the majority of websites that you see on the internet today. If you are just starting a business, or have a massive corporate website that needs revamped or you need some super duper, super sophisticated website built; 99 times out of 100 Joomla! can handle it.

Here are just a few of the types of websites that The Turn Group has designed for and created using the Joomla! (CMS) Content Management Platform.

  • Joomla CMS is used for website platformsBanks and financial institutions
  • Small business and large corporations
  • City, state and government
  • Online eCommerce websites
  • Online social networks
  • Large scale community portal sites
  • Non-profit, political, ministry, church
  • Personal, family, pet
  • Organizational,  training websites
  • Magazines, publishing, artistic websites
  • Residential and commercial websites
  • Retirement, hobby, informational
  • and the list goes on...

Whatever your website goal is, the Joomla! Content Management System is the solution for your website design needs.

I just need a small website. Is Joomla! really necessary for my budget?

There is a process to website design. The process goes like this:

  • Custom Design: How it looks and feels
  • Platform website is built on: Joomla!, Wordpress, html5, ASP etc.
  • Enter in your content, add images, contact form etc.
  • Apply SEO to website both onsite and offsite.
  • Marketing via web, print, tv, ads etc.

Whether you have one page or 1000 pages. The process is always the same. The only exception to the process is if you purchase a Joomla template which combines steps 1 and 2 for you. However, with a Joomla template, you run the risk of others having the same website as yours.

The questions you need to ask yourself are:

  • Do I need a custom website with its own unique design?
  • Does it bother me if my website looks like a template?
  • Am I looking to make money with this website, or just provide information?
  • What type of functionality will I need? What do I want my website to do?
  • Will my audience be local or national?
  • Do I have the time to update the website?
  • Do I want a custom logo, or a templated logo?
  • Do I have extra money for steps 4 and 5?

Once you have these questions answered, we can help you chart the best course for your business needs. Give us a call, we do not mind talking to you about your vision and help point out some things you might not be thinking about or have considered.

Why use Joomla! versus another Content Management System?

Joomla! CMS - Content Management SystemLike so many other websites and their platforms, Joomla! is built with several things in mind.

The Joomla! CMS was designed specifically for:

  1. The end user - you the client
  2. Functionality and growth
  3. Ease of use for all users
  4. SEO - search engine optimization

These are the primary goals that Joomla! accomplishes with its cms platform. With other CMS systems, we have found that they lack sometimes 1, 2 and 3 out of the 4 things that Joomla! provides by default.

Do we as a company get anything from Joomla by promoting them or their product? Absolutely NOT!... But, after using every CMS out on the market today, with the developers that Joomla! has produced, the training that is available to the end user, the applications, components and modules that are available for Joomla! and the overall world wide support of Joomla!, why use anything else if you can avoid it?

What kind of Joomla! Services do you offer?

Here is a short list of a few of our Joomla! Website Design Services

  • Joomla! Website Design
  • Joomla! Website Development
  • Joomla! Security Solutions
  • Joomla! Website Migrations
  • Joomla! Version Updates
  • Joomla! Hosting Services
  • Joomla! Disaster Recovery
  • Joomla! Component Installs
  • Joomla! Backup Services
  • Joomla! Maintenance
  • Joomla! Website Support
  • Joomla! Template Updates
  • Joomla! Website Training
  • Joomla! Project Consulting
  • Joomla! Social Integration
  • Joomla! Virus Removal
  • Joomla! Website Optimization
  • Joomla! Custom Applications
  • Joomla! Mobile Versions
  • Just ask, we do all things Joomla!

How much does a Joomla! Website Cost?

The budget for a Joomla WebsiteI am not going to lie, each Joomla! project is different. Some of our clients need logos, brochures, print material and a website. Others just need a Joomla website design. And of course, each client needs different functionality for their website that may be completely different than what you need.

But we will give you a ball park. If you want a Joomla! website (with all the fixin's) we start at about $5500 for the design and development with lots of training and basic Joomla! SEO. To see all of our pricing and packages click here.

Do you only build Joomla! websites or can you build other types of platforms?

The simple answer is YES! We can build any platform that you need. However, our main services revolve around Joomla because of the ease of use for clients and it's long-list of robust features. On occasion, there are times when clients want another platform besides Joomla!. 90% of the other available platforms out there are PHP - MySQL based content management systems. And, since Joomla! is on the top of the scale for development expertise, everything else falls short. What this means for you is "YES", we absolutely can design and code for any other platform out there.

Simply tell us what you need and we will let you know what your options are.

What all do I need to get started?

The most important thing you need is a vision. What do you want your Joomla! website to do? Do you have a logo or do you need that as well? Once you have the basics down, we need a requirements document. We need to know what the goal of the website is and the features that you want.

Most of the time, our clients only have an idea and are not sure what they need and that is perfectly ok. That is what our Joomla Consulting Services are for. We can help you start with just an idea and chart a path that leads to the end goal; a fully functioning and result producing website.

Either pic up the phone and call us or jump on over to our free online quote form and tell us what you have in mind and we will get the process started.