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How in the world do you drive more traffic to your website? What in the heck is page rank and how do I get a higher one? Why are these stupid social networks so danged important? Can anyone tell me WHAT on God's green earth is SEO? I mean there is on-site SEO, off-site SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Website Optimization and the list goes on and on and on.

If you have asked yourself any of these questions, or if you know what all these items are yet you cant seem to get anywhere with them; you are in the right place.

Pick the training that you need below. If you need training in an area that you dont see, simple contact us so that we can customize a solution for you.

Joomla Website Training

Joomla Website Training ServicesDo you have a Joomla Website already? Or, are you thinking about using the Joomla Content Management System and would like Joomla Website Training before you decide to choose the Joomla Platform? Whatever your reason, The Turn Group Joomla Experts are recognized Joomla Leaders. Our Joomla instructions are thorough, intuitive and easy to understand. Our Joomla Training can be as basic or in-depth as you need it to be. We also provide webinars for companies needing hands-on Joomla Training as well as onsite Joomla Training. Whatever your needs are, The Turn Group Joomla Training Specialists are here to help.

Offsite SEO Training - Inbound Marketing

Offsite Search Engine Optimization TrainingOur Offsite Search Engine Optimization also known as Inbound Marketing Training is specific and custom tailored to your required results needed. There are literally thousands of offsite seo training techniques for driving traffic back to your website. Once we determine your targe market, budget as well as time constraints, we will develop a specialized offsite SEO training/inbound marketing schedule that will produce the quickest results. From landing pages, to press releases to back links; we have the know how and expertise required to bring page rank up, produce a significant increase in traffic and the ability to double, triple and quadruple conversion rates. Let us at The Turn Group show you how its done with our very unique offsite SEO training.

Onsite SEO Training

Onsite Search Engine Optimization TrainingWithout Onsite SEO, most of your offsite seo will not work as effectively as you want. Our onsite SEO training shows you what each page must have to be #1 page rankable. We also show you how alt tags, anchor tags, page title tags, image and link title tags, description tags and other strategies work to your advantage. Our onsite SEO training will be in-depth, loaded with examples, and highly advanced. We dont kid around when it comes to website optimization. Let's use an analogy. Offsite SEO is the racetrack and your website (onsite seo) is the car. It doesn't matter how well built the track is or how experienced the driver is. If your race car (your website) is not built to win, you will not get the result (called winning the race) that you would hope for.

Marketing Training

Marketing TrainingMarketing Training has so many connotations. What is Internet Marketing. Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing etc? What are the strategies that will produce the most ROI (return on investment)? If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Ever heard that quote? Our Marketing Training gets you in gear, on paper with a specific path for attack. This could range from re-branding, to social media, to print advertising, to contests and giveaways and so forth. Each company is different, each method thought out and planned. We work on fine-tuning your "view" that is directly attributed to your "actions" that produce your end game called "results".

Content Creation Training for the Web

Content Creation Marketing TrainingThis probably is the most important aspect to the web that there is. Our Content Creation Training for the Web takes what you are doing to a whole other level. We show you what the "PERFECT" SEO optimized web page looks like. Content Creation Training is paramount for any company on the Internet today. It's the difference between having a successful online internet presence and a colossal failure. Our Content Creation Training for the web covers page creation, article tactics, SEO optimization techniques, article placement as well as the use of optin pages, landing pages, sales pages etc. Let us show you how its done.

Internet Training

Internet TrainingThe Internet is so big, so complex with so many ways of doing things it can be very overwhelming. This is where our Internet Training services comes in. What is your need? What do you need to learn that will empower you to produce the results on the web that you need to produce? These are the questions that we are trained in to provide you. Whatever your need, whatever you struggle with, our Internet Training Services will walk you through everything you need to know in the area that is of the greatest importance to you.