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There are two ways to reset the password for your email account(s).

The quickest way to reset your email password (assuming you know your cpanel credentials) is via The Turn Group cpanel. Simply login to your cpanel account and in the section called "Mail" click on the "Email Accounts" icon. This will take you to your listed email accounts within the system. Find the email account within the list and click the "Change Password" link.

If you have forgotten your email password, submit a ticket here and we will reset it for you. Just let us know what you would like it to be, or we can set a random password for you to change at a later date. We do not offer an email reset via our website. This prevents spammers/spam bots from resetting your password for you randomly.

For us to respond to a password reset request, you must provide in the ticket your 4 digit call in pin. This 4 digit call in pin can be found in the "Edit Account Details" section of The Turn Group Hosting Account or on any of your previous invoices. Any tickets submitted for usernames or password resets requires account verification. If a ticket is submitted without the 4 digit call in pin, the ticket will be ignored and deleted for security purposes.

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You can access your email account several ways.

The quickest way to access your email account is at the top of our website under the logins link. Enter your email username and password that you setup in your cpanel or you may bookmark the links below. If you have forgotten your email credentials, simply submit a ticket and we will provide them to you or reset them for you.

Or you can access your email account by using your own domain name such as:

  • http://www.yourdomainname.com/webmail
  • http://www.yourdomainname.com:2096

Need help setting up your email inside a 3rd party email application portal or mobile phone? Access our email video tutorials here.

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