Who We Are

Complete and total internet geeks. That about sums us up. Our team of developers, designers, project managers and SEO specialists are some of the best in the world. Yes, I said in the world! Our team has to meet a strict requirement; Perfection! We are coders, designers and SEO guys. The code always has to be perfect. The designs have to perfect and the SEO direction has to be dead on. Anything less and we would be like everyone else. And the funny thing is, you would think at the end of the day we would all get up from our computers and go home and relax. NOPE! We all stop working and hop back on the computers for our down town...

The Turn Group Logo

Our Name

"The Turn Group" name stemmed from a popular movie called "The Prestige". The methodologies or "acts" of a magic trick depicted in the movie consist of The Pledge, The Turn and the Prestige. Our company name was derived from the name of the second act "The Turn" which represents "The Turning of something ordinary into something extraordinary".

Here at the Turn Group, our creed from the start has always been, that we take "YOUR concepts and turn them into reality." We pride ourselves in adding our own twist of innovation to each project producing results beyond your expectations.
We do not just focus

            on OUR Services,

       we focus on
    YOUR business success.
We do not just focus on OUR Services, we focus on YOUR business success.

What We Do:

The precise sculpting of the Joomla! CMS.
We take your concepts and idea's and turn them into a "result producing solution" that grows your business. From the simplest brochure, to a complete business identity; we help chart a path from beginning to end. Our passion, innovation and experience will take your company from just a web presence to a valuable online business resource.

When We Started:

Our humble beginnings started in a living room back in 1998 when Rodney Liber, the Director of Web Services for the Turn Group started studying and testing out for certifications. This lead to his fascination of coding and the internet which produced his first company website. After years of practice and preparation, he opened the doors under a new name "Solutions on Demand" (www.sod7.com) in 2004. Needless to say, business exploded and in 2008 a decision was made to change the company name again to The Turn Group. 16 years later, The Turn Group has become one of the leaders in Website Design and Development.

Our Joomla Development TeamWhere We Are:

Kansas City, MO! Your office; whichever is easier...

Why We Do It:

For the love mostly. We love doing what we do. We love working with our clients to help them reach their web related goals. We love the research, the internet trends and learning what it takes to stay on top.

Most importantly, we love to share what we have learned in an environment that produces growth.