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Joomla Questions and Answers We are happy to introduce our new Question and Answer section of our website. Often times with our busy schedules we just need to hop on the internet, ask our question, run to the store and have the answer waiting for us when we get back.

How it works: Simply click the link below to get to our Questions and Answer Page. Take a moment to signup an account and start asking away. You should have a response within hours.

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Website Diagnostic Service

Check keyword rank Want to know how your website is doing on the internet?
SEO Diagnostic Services There are reasons why you are not getting the web traffic, visitors and conversions that you SHOULD be getting from your website. With Google constantly changing their algorithm its no wonder your ranking keeps dropping and the phone rings less. We have a very sophisticated reporting system that will allow us to do an in-depth examination of your website, your keyword rankings to gage where your strengths and weaknesses are.

To read more about what this will entail, view our "SEO Website Diagnostic Services" article.

Stop your Joomla Website From Getting Hacked or Virus Infected

Protect your Website RS Firewall is the ANSWER
Stop your Joomla Website from Getting Hacked Every day our phone rings with clients in a panic because their website just got hacked and a malicious virus corrupted their website. Had they installed RS Firewall for Joomla thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of time would have been saved. If you want protection against your Joomla Website from getting hacked then pay the money, download the software and install it.

Learn more about "How to protect your Joomla Website from Hacking and Viruses"

How to Automatically Backup your Joomla Website

Akeeba Backup Don't delay, backup today!
Backup Your Joomla Website and Save your Website As mentioned above, the reason clients call us in a panic when their website has been hacked is because they FAILED to keep a current backup of their website. The main reasons for this is lack of time, laziness and forgetfulness. Unfortunately, those three things can cost you thousands of dollars and may even shut your business down. Akeeba Backup solves this problem. It's a free download and will allow setup of automatic backups for you. To avoid your backups from getting infected with a virus, make sure you download and save your backups from your server to your computer or backup hard drive.

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