SEO Strategy for Google Indexing Description Tag Problem

Google Indexing your Footer CopyrightHave you ever checked your index within the search engines by typing in the Google search bar "" and found your footer/copyright as the text being shown as the description within your returned result?

Why does this happen? This happens sometimes because search engines either take the first paragraph that it comes across starting at the top of the site or at the bottom of the site and index the content it finds.

So, its very important the first paragraph and bottom content are SEO optimized. To avoid my irrelevant site copyright, address and phone number from the footer getting indexed, I had 2 choices.

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How to Create Quick Landing Pages that Drive Traffic

In this lesson we are going to learn how to create a Successful Internet Presence that ensures on-going results within the search engines by creating Quick Landing Pages that are specifically designed to drive traffic using a re-direction tactic to your core services or products pages.

Landing Page TacticsHow many of you sit on your custom built back-porch overlooking the ocean with wind in your hair and a margarita in your hand because your business ranks #1 on Google and you have more business then you know what to do with?

I thought so!

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