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SEO TipsIt is amazing how on my down time when just searching the internet for the lack of anything better to do, the little SEO gold mines that are revealed to the watchful eye. The million dollar question people ask is how do I get back links to my website that will actually help my website out?

Not only have I been asked this a thousand times, but there is a million searches for this question on Google. In this article I will share some useful SEO Tips that if applied will help to increase Visibility - Presence and Relevance.

Lets Get Started...

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Google not indexing your company name? Do you get "Did You Mean"

Here is an example:

Googles Did You Mean Script

Recently, we were asked why Googles "Did You Mean" showed a different result for a company name when they Google their company name. With a little research this is what we found out.

Google uses spell checking software to check queries, ie (cennethelp) against common spellings of each word. When Google determines an alternative query that they think might improve the search results, you'll see "Did you mean: (more common spelling)" at the top of your search results page. This happens when a site has no relevance, no direct entries into Google and no dictionary reference for that specific word and not enough backlinks to the site.

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SEO Strategy for Google Indexing Description Tag Problem

Google Indexing your Footer CopyrightHave you ever checked your index within the search engines by typing in the Google search bar "" and found your footer/copyright as the text being shown as the description within your returned result?

Why does this happen? This happens sometimes because search engines either take the first paragraph that it comes across starting at the top of the site or at the bottom of the site and index the content it finds.

So, its very important the first paragraph and bottom content are SEO optimized. To avoid my irrelevant site copyright, address and phone number from the footer getting indexed, I had 2 choices.

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Drive Traffic Now - Free Report

"How It's Actually Possible To Rank Better Than #1 In Google And Yahoo - Overnight!"

Drive Traffic Now to your WebsiteBefore I begin, I'd like to tell you the reason I chose "this" specific topic to teach you. I came across a powerful story that I'm going to share with you at the end of this lesson. This story really opened my eyes to what is possible on the web and what all of you should incorporate into your search engine optimization strategy. It's a no brainer and anyone serious about search engine optimization would be a fool not to use what I'm about to teach you. Now, to the topic at hand... If it isn't enough to rank #1 in Google in less than 28 days, I'm going to teach you how you can actually rank better than #1 in both Google AND Yahoo, overnight! Yeah, I can hear you now... That's impossible. What a ridiculously hypish statement. Rodney's completely out of his mind. While #3 might be true :-) you truly can rank above the #1 position in Google and Yahoo in less than 24 hours!

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Google SEO - Starter SEO Guide - Let Google Optimize your site

Google SEO Starter Guide

Is Google trying to set new SEO Trends or was there such a demand on Google to share a little bit about how its algorithm works? Either way, Google has published is own SEO Starter Guide for the general public.

For most of us this is old school daily tactics, but for others it will open your eyes to the fierce competition that is out there competing against you and your site.

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Why do YOU need to Blog?

Why you need to blogOn a daily basis I get asked why blogging is so important. Many SEO Specialists have written articles on this very topic all claiming the same thing expecting you to take their word for it. For example, back in Dec of 2008 (on Google Knol which is no longer available) I wrote a small article on "Why Blogging is so Important" in which I gave a pretty good explanation as to why each website needs one. This article had gotten quite a few hits with no visible or mentionable results other than providing the reader with a good reason to start blogging.

However, telling you why you need to blog is a tad bit different then showing you why you need to blog. So in this article on "Why do YOU need to blog" I will show you actual results that will clearly show the benefits of blogging on your website.

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How to increase your page rank, site visibility and be viral marketed all at the same time?

How to increase page rank and website visibility with social sharingEver wonder why your competition seems to stay one step ahead of you on the internet? Ever wonder why your website just doesn't seem to want to climb hire up in the search engines? Are you scratching your head wondering what can you do differently that would produce a measureable result? Well, we have a tid-bit of information that might just give you the edge or the extra push that you need to get to the next level. What I am about to share is not an overnight fix, but it is the next step!

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How do I find the right keywords for my website or web page

How do I get the keywords for my site or web pageThere are three general ways that people search for something they need or want. They open up their browser, go to Google, Yahoo or Bing and they either type in a keyword, keyword string or they ask the search engines a question.

Keywords Strings are the #1 determining component of a successful returned result from the search engines. Questions would be #2 and a single keyword would be next in line.

Example of what someone would type if they were looking for boots:

  1. Keyword - boots
  2. Keyword String (also knows as keyword phrase) - red leather boots
  3. Keyword Question - where can I buy red leather boots in kansas city
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Never piss off a Search Engine Optimization Specialist

SEO SpecialistMy phone rings and on the other end of the phone is a panicky voice. Melissa (name changed out of respect) tells me how they hired a local SEO firm to help drive traffic and increase page rank. She was blunt force honest with me and told me that she didn't always pay him on time and she told me on occasion when she didn't get her way she would insult him telling him that SEO guys are a dime a dozen and on occasion gave him unrealistic expectations. Though this kind of honesty is rare I just sat there and listened to her story.

She did tell me that he was occasionally late in calling her when he was supposed to and even sometimes he didn't get to her site in days. So between her threats and degrading comments and his lack of "on-time" response, they decided to part company and Melissa ended up doing a charge back on him.

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