Google not indexing your company name? Do you get "Did You Mean"

Here is an example:

Googles Did You Mean Script

Recently, we were asked why Googles "Did You Mean" showed a different result for a company name when they Google their company name. With a little research this is what we found out.

Google uses spell checking software to check queries, ie (cennethelp) against common spellings of each word. When Google determines an alternative query that they think might improve the search results, you'll see "Did you mean: (more common spelling)" at the top of your search results page. This happens when a site has no relevance, no direct entries into Google and no dictionary reference for that specific word and not enough backlinks to the site.

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Google SEO - Starter SEO Guide - Let Google Optimize your site

Google SEO Starter Guide

Is Google trying to set new SEO Trends or was there such a demand on Google to share a little bit about how its algorithm works? Either way, Google has published is own SEO Starter Guide for the general public.

For most of us this is old school daily tactics, but for others it will open your eyes to the fierce competition that is out there competing against you and your site.

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