The Perfect SEO Article

SEO Article PreparationWhether you are writing a blog article, web page article, press release or products and services descriptions, SEO optimizing your article for the internet is a must. The internet is made up of trillions of web pages. How the web page is displayed is dependent upon the information you are wanting to showcase within your perfect SEO article and what type of functionality is needed to accomplish your end goal. The difference between a SEO optimized article being viewed by the public on the internet or not being seen at all is in-part based on how you construct the page. Though there is thousands of opinions on how to create a #1 page rankable article, we will indeed be showing you how to create one.

You might ask, "what makes The Turn Group an expert on how to properly format a web page for the search engines?"

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Google SEO - Starter SEO Guide - Let Google Optimize your site

Google SEO Starter Guide

Is Google trying to set new SEO Trends or was there such a demand on Google to share a little bit about how its algorithm works? Either way, Google has published is own SEO Starter Guide for the general public.

For most of us this is old school daily tactics, but for others it will open your eyes to the fierce competition that is out there competing against you and your site.

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How to increase your page rank, site visibility and be viral marketed all at the same time?

How to increase page rank and website visibility with social sharingEver wonder why your competition seems to stay one step ahead of you on the internet? Ever wonder why your website just doesn't seem to want to climb hire up in the search engines? Are you scratching your head wondering what can you do differently that would produce a measureable result? Well, we have a tid-bit of information that might just give you the edge or the extra push that you need to get to the next level. What I am about to share is not an overnight fix, but it is the next step!

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