Why most Joomla Developers fail developing Joomla Websites

Epic Joomla Website Project FailureAs a leader in the industry we have heard it all when it comes to the colossal failures of Joomla Developers all over the world. They just cant seem to get the websites built right or even complete them. Worst of all, for those few Joomla Developers that do get the sites live, they have done serious damage to the ranking ability of the website.

This is a huge problem, one we have to address on a daily basis. When potential clients call us, over 80% of them have had a bad experience with a Joomla Developer. There are a multitude of industry standards that must be followed yet rarely are, not to mention ethical, business and especially personal standards. Why do Joomla Projects fail every day? Here are some of the most common reasons.

Excuses from Joomla Developers to their clients

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Did you start a new small business and need a website?

I have a small business and need a new websiteAre you needing a new website for your small business or an existing website redesigned but not sure how to get started or what company would be the right choice for you? This article gives you recommended questions you need to ask to make sure you get the most bang for you dollar and questions to help avoid getting scammed by "fake or wanna-be website developers."

Creating a new small business website can be costly if you are not careful. Many of the clients that The Turn Group often works with are clients that had their money taken by "would-be" small business website designers. They either took the money and ran, started the project and never finished it, or what we here the most; "the website was nothing we envisioned and can not use it." Disasters like this can be avoided if you ask the right questions up front. If you are a new small business owner and are looking for a website for your small business, there are a few things you need to know.

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How to increase your page rank, site visibility and be viral marketed all at the same time?

How to increase page rank and website visibility with social sharingEver wonder why your competition seems to stay one step ahead of you on the internet? Ever wonder why your website just doesn't seem to want to climb hire up in the search engines? Are you scratching your head wondering what can you do differently that would produce a measureable result? Well, we have a tid-bit of information that might just give you the edge or the extra push that you need to get to the next level. What I am about to share is not an overnight fix, but it is the next step!

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