RS Firewall: Protect your Joomla Website From Hacking and VirusesThe damage that a hacked Joomla Website can cause can be costly and very time consuming to say the least. A Joomla Website that has been hacked or infected by a malicious virus infestation can not only shut your website down, cost you money, but can get you black listed in the search engines almost immediately. Once the site is fixed, it could be weeks before the search engines un-blacklist your website and for some companies, that will put them out of business.

What to do if your Joomla Website has been hacked?

The first thing is to not panic. Whatever has happened can be undone. At this point damage control is the first step. Here is a list of things to do incase you suspect your website has been hacked.

What to do if your Joomla Website has a virus?

A virus can often times be worse than being hacked. Being hacked basically means your site has been changed, deleted, content added etc and does not always mean that you get blacklisted with Google. However, a virus running through your site will be caught by the search engines and virus programs almost immediately and that is where the real damage starts. Not to mention, if you try to access a virus infected website, the computer accessing the website can become infected as well. Here is what you can do if you have contracted a virus on your website.

What can you do to protect your Joomla Website from being hacked or getting a virus?

RS Firewall - Joomla Security - Stop your Joomla Website from being hacked or getting a virus.Do what we do, install a RSFirewall for Joomla. All of our websites as well as all of our clients Joomla Websites use RSFirewall. When configured correctly, your site becomes almost unhackable and protected against malicious viruses as well as a handy database optimization tool that keeps your website running fast. RSFirewall is what you can use NOW to stop your Joomla website from being hacked. RSFirewall is a multifunctional tool that will stop your Joomla website from getting a virus as well. Getting a virus is usually obtained in three ways. Either your computer uploaded the virus without you knowing, someone was able to hack components within your website or your passwords were compromised. RSFirewall stops all this from happening.

Secondly, having a backup routine that backs up your website files and database regularly is a MUST and will save you time and money if your Joomla website has been hacked. We use Akeeba Backup which is a handy component that allows for an immediate backup of your entire Joomla Website. And if you just don't have the time to do a regular backup, Akeeba has a lazy backup option which automatically backups your site files and database for you. The only downside to this is that in a short amount of time, depending on your hosting plan, your storage space can fill up pretty fast. Managing your backups and getting them stored off your server is a must to stop your Joomla website from getting a virus in your backups as well.

If you suspect your website has been compromised, feel free to give us a call for a quick/free consultation.